Parviz Radji Former Pahlavi Era Ambassador to UK gives his insights to Events of 1953
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در ایران، کم نبوده اند تحولاتی که نسل امروز به یاد ندارد اما با پیامدهای آنها زندگی می کند. کودتای ۲۸ مرداد ۱۳۳۲ یکی از مهمترین آنهاست، روزی که دولت ملی گرای محمد مصدق، که قهرمان ملی کردن صنعت نفت ایران به شمار می آید، به دست سرلشگر فضل الله زاهدی برافتاد. در پی این کودتا، محمد رضا شاه پهلوی که ایران را ترک کرده بود به کشور بازگشت، بریتانیا امتیازهای نفتی از دست رفته اش در ایران را دوباره به دست آورد و نقش آمریکا در عرصۀ سیاسی و اقتصادی ایران پررنگ تر شد. پرویز راجی، آخرین سفیر شاه در بریتانیا، در مصاحبه ای با بی بی سی فارسی از علل و آثار کودتای ۲۸ مرداد ۱۳۳۲ می گوید.

Darius Kadivar

HISTORY FORUM:"Shah Was Not Involved in Coup '53"

by Darius Kadivar on

This Testimony is all the more interesting that former Ambassador Parviz Radji has been a harsh critic of the Shah's last years of Reign ( See Article Below) and the way the latter abandoned his Prime Minister Hoveyda to a dark end. 

He is the Author of :

In the Service of the Peacock Throne: The Diaries of the Shah's Last Ambassador to London by Parviz C. Radji (Hardcover - Jan 1984

Also Read Article:

Ex Ambassador: "I was never one of those people who admired the Shah" By Cyrus KADIVAR (


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maziar 58 Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I have not read the book in question, my brother who interviewed Radji did :

Ex Ambassador: "I was never one of those people who admired the Shah" By Cyrus KADIVAR (

But Yes I believe that he does mention that the American Presence and influence increased in Iran after the "Coup" to the British dismay. But Radji's testimony is interesting in that he was also an important diplomant throughout the 60's and Ambassador to Great Britain in the 1970's during the Oil Boom.

The interesting thing is that Radji was not particularly a syncophatic civil servant like most Iranian Ambassadors or diplomats of the Pahlavi Court. Probably because he was also married , If I am not mistaken, to a British Wife, and was therefore very much conscience of the British Mindset (and Constitutional Role of the Queen of England in contrast to the Oriental Absolutism of the Pahlavi court). So being aware of the advantages of the Free Press in the Western World in general Radji was somehow wary of the authocratic nature of the Shah's reign after the coup of 53 up to his fall.

So his insights seem much more reliable given that he was not particularly tender with his former Boss ...

More and more documents are being discovered that allow a better understanding of the events of 53. But again like everything in History, one has to compare testimonies and investigations on a given era to get a more accurate picture of the time.

I also suppose that Given that there are less and less living witness' left from that era any extra feedback by those who lived it is always interesting to note for a Historian or amateur of Iranian contemporary history.



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

mr D K thanks I did not read that book; But does it say somewhere that America found out the Importance of cheap energy and want to have HIS hand on it so they kicked out the BRITS so to speak ? and ran that show for themselves.    Maziar

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onlyinamrica No I Won't ;0)

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You Don't Like It Others Do ...

No One is Forcing You to read my blogs !

If You have Complaints go and ask Ali Khamenei who thinks that Social Studies or interest in History or Social Sciences should be Banned ! ...





With all due respect

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I am getting nauseated with all these shah stuffs that you spam this site with at every opportunity you find. Every thing you post is about shah. Please try to look forward. I feel I am getting suffocated with all these old commemorations of shah. Would you please at least minimize them?