The Good And Bad Of Cutting Iran Democracy Funding
RFE/RL / Golnaz Esfandiari, RFE/RL
29-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

The U.S. decision to cut $85 million in democracy funds for Iran has led to mixed reactions among Iranian-Americans, Iran analysts, rights activists, and others. Many have criticized the decision and described it as an abandonment of Iran's reformists and human rights activists and a blow to the democracy movement. Yet others have welcomed the decision, including Reza Aslan writing in "The Daily Beast" who said that he along with many Iranian-Americans working for change in Iran are glad about the U.S. decision to cut the funds.

But among the beneficiaries were also bodies that do serious work on Iran, including documenting human rights violations and publishing reports on past abuses. One of these groups is the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, which, amongst other things, documented the mass execution of dissidents and opposition members in the 1980s. One of the cofounders of the center, Payam Akhavan, told RFE/RL in July that the group is do... >>>

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Darius Kadivar

Ostaad I have No Doubt that you belong to the Happy Few ...

by Darius Kadivar on


But Don't drink too much Hallal Alcohol and Rafsanjani Pistachios at Trita's Parties on Capitol Hill ... I have heard they can be Treacherous !

You Know ... like a "Treacherous Alliance" between Zartoshti Bolony and Islamic BS ...

It can Mix Well but Only to Result in a BIG Indigestion ...




Only those who are addicted to US government "funds" are...

by Ostaad on

unhappy with this US decision. Ironically all those who mourn "loss" of the US to carry on their "struggle" live outside Iran. Those inside Iran who are standing up to the regime demanding the restoration of their human/civil rights have NEVER looked to the US government for handouts, the same is true about the individuals and groups outside Iran, whose goals and actions to help the nascent Iranian uprising is genuine. 

According to the published reports, only a meager $3 million was going the the human rights groups. Therefore, the remaining funds, if actually paid, must have been going to the Tehrangeles shysters impersonating concerned Iranians, who live high on the hog by spending the US-donated dollars on cheap lousy TV programming and decorating their "opposition media" offices.

Count me among the "happy" ones to see these US government string-attached funds cut. The cause of defending and restoring the human/civil rights in Iran has certainly not suffered at all. On the contrary, without those handouts the cause has become stronger and more honest.