Brave student defies the Supreme Leader of Iran
Green Wave of Freedom (mowjcamp)
29-Oct-2009 (7 comments)

A brave Iranian student has openly criticised the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during a formal annual meeting held between the leader and various intellectuals and academic figures on Wednesday.

In this meeting which is usually a place for students from across Iran to praise the leader and to show him their devotion, a mathematics student from Sharif University of Technology and a winner of the International Mathematics Olympiad courageously rose from amongst those present and requested to speak to the leader.

The student then directly addressed the leader criticising him and the Islamic Republic for twenty minutes. His comments were followed by occasional applause and cheers from those present. Iranian state-run TV which was broadcasting live images of the meeting was forced to stop airing the programme for some time.


A potential new hero of Neda-like dimensions

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RAISE YOUR HAND would love to have seen Khamenei's face as he sat through 20 minutes of being told off publicly while some members of a supposedly friendly audience applauded.  Joy, oh joy!   I wonder if anyone made a secret video.   It would be the most popular ever.    

Note how security forces grabbed the kid as he left the meeting.  The people will soon know the name of its latest great hero.  There were simply too many witnesses to keep the lid on. 

Surely the kid knew the likely penalty (death preceding by beatings, torture and rape), but he went ahead anyway.  How many have such Karroubi-like courage?  Count it as another blow to a despicable regime and its leaders.  News of  his heroic deed will circulate among a frustrated people who will applaud rather than condemn him no matter how much the regime cries over that.

This kid put the coup regime in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" spot.  To just "let it pass" encourages others will do the same.  PrThe regime will make an example of him to "deter" an increasingly restive populace.   The consequences will be the exact opposite, creating another martyrn of Neda-like dimensions while his tormentors play the vilest of humans.  On top of so many other horrific crimes, what can better demonstrate how totally worthlessness and incorrigible Iran's present "leaders" have become?   Events since June 12th have turned the Supreme Leader into what Ahmadinejad was previously--the most scorned figure in Iran. 

As Iran's besieged people grow bolder, the regime can't find a "safe" audience anywhere.   Stage-managed backfires--the Quds demonstration, the show trials, puppet speakers booed down at universities and the the Media Fair fiasco.   Once again people jeered as the state media is forced disrupted its own broadcasts in a futile attempt to conceal what what happening (soccer anyone?)  





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It will be cool if there is a video showing the student challenging the Mr. Untouchable! If the video surfaces, it will go viral for sure. I am waiting!


The beginning of the end of IRI and Islam

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This is the start.  once IRI is gone Islam will have no place among us.  At least the beginnings of the demise and secularization is at hand.

Mardom Mazloom

He's our new KAVEH

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همچی زد تو پوزیه اون ضحاک كه نماز خوندن از یادش رفت بیچاره

che khabar e

my heart is just

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bursting with pride for this brave young man.  He and so many others... what can I say.  It gives me hope.  :-)



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