Iran Likely Concealing Other Secret Nuclear Sites
Newsweek / Jerry Guo
27-Oct-2009 (3 comments)

The United Nations' inspection of Iran's clandestine nuclear facility outside Qum, slated as of press time for Oct. 25, was already treated as something of a coup in the West. With its air-defense batteries and centrifuges buried deep in the mountainside, the site smacked of dangerous nuclear intentions. But assuming the visit takes place, the progress it represents needs to be kept in perspective. By cooperating with the U.N., Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime gets to look as if it's opening a window on its nuclear program, slowing the momentum toward tougher international sanctions, when it's likely that Qum is only one of many secrets Iran is concealing. 

U.S. arms-control experts say that Qum is probably one of at least a half-dozen undeclared sites in Iran's "nuclear archipelago." At its present rate of production, Qum's estimated 3,000 antiquated IR-1 centrifuges would take two years to churn out enough highly enriched uranium for a single bomb, according to Gary Milhollin, director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control. If Iran had another secret site, its parallel fuel cycle would cut down the waiting time to a year.

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Here is another SHOCKING news:

by Bavafa on

US and Israel both have hidden nuclear sites and maybe even WMD.  Who knows, maybe the world should get inspectors in US and Israel to search for WMD to see if they find any....

"Man nakon mane kassi, avale khodet baadan kasi"



Still looking for the WMDs

by farokh2000 on

I am sure the criminal Mullahs have as many WMDs as Saddam did.

The ones criminal Bush and his buddies invaded the Country to find  and are still looking for!?

I guess AIPAC and their puppets will not rest until the entire Middle East is in ruins and under their control.

That entire land was promised to THEM by their God because they ARE "the chosen ones", no?




by yolanda on

OMG, "Nuclear archipelago"....

Thanks for the shocking article.