Iran hints it could partially sign on to UN nuclear plan, but uncertainty remains
Star Tribune / Star Tribune
26-Oct-2009 (5 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran hinted Monday it could agree to ship some low-enriched uranium abroad for processing as reactor fuel as the world awaited its reply on a U.N.-drafted nuclear plan aimed at easing tensions with the West.

But the step might not be enough to defuse the tensions, and Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki also left open the possibility Iran may snub the proposal and instead seek to buy the nuclear fuel it needs for a research reactor that makes medical isotopes.

The two-sided scenario presented by Mottaki appeared part of Iran's strategy to drag out negotiations over its nuclear program and leave the West guessing about its decision expected later this week.

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Farhad Kashani

Shah Gholam, Its not me

by Farhad Kashani on

Shah Gholam,

Its not me throwing things at you, it’s the Iranian people and the world throwing things at IRI, because they know IRI is the single biggest cancer on the body of humanity, and humanity will not be cured until IRI is removed from its body.

As far as me posting comments, you don’t have to prove anything, we all know how IRI and its Neo Comm apologists like you have 0 tolerance and respect for other’s opinion. We have been knowing that since day 1! And this is the part that you people just don’t get, ..listen, IRI has been silencing Iranians for 30 years now, in the most brutal fashion you can think of, it has staged a very devilish propaganda campaign which includes anti Semitism and anti Israelism and anti Americanism and anti “anything non IRI” and…what did it gain? Nothing! You can silence people, but you can not stop them from thinking, and you can not stop them from pursuing what it’s rightfully theirs: their freedom.

Whether I am on here or not, or whether you are here or not, your beloved IRI will fall cause evil just does not last, and also, IRI is too “unwise” and “too proud” and “too brutal” to see its own mishaps. All Fascist regimes are like that. But until that day, I will be a thorn in IRIs supporters’ and I will be here and I will expose IRI propaganda.

Bet money on that.

Mardom Mazloom

AMIR 1973

by Mardom Mazloom on

For the sake of humanity IRI's valet, aka Ghollam Ali gueda, is badly exposed on IC but in baba que az roo nemireh. Why? Because his/her pay depends on. He/she was barking everywhere here that unranium enrichment is Iran's right now he/she is happy to announce that IRI's shift in negociations, accepting most western's requests, is much more secure for Iran. hahaha, what a joke is Ghollam. Man migam adam nokar beguireh vali yek bahoosheho beguireh, but in a time of penury when even A.N. is dumped one can not ask for more.


Two questions for Shah Ghollam

by AMIR1973 on

Do you believe that by "boldly exposing" Islamists and other such supporters of the IRI we would also be "helping humanity"? Do you deny that the IRI has executed many thousands of Iranians since its inception for offenses that most other countries do not punish by death (mostly political opposition to the regime)?  

Shah Ghollam

Mr. Kashani

by Shah Ghollam on

I guess I have proved to you many times that I don't fear your spams and can handle whatever you try to throw at me return the favor with pleasure.

I will ask administrators this time to put you on notice if you continue with your childish games. You seem not have much else to say/add to my posts except the same non related old tunes.  I suggest you start writing some constructive comments concerning the posts directly rather that non-sense. Otherwise your days may be numbered at!


Now, do you have anything to say about the article I posted ?

Boldley expose Zionists, help humanity!

Farhad Kashani

Shah Gholam,   Looks

by Farhad Kashani on

Shah Gholam,


Looks like your beloved IRI is shitting in its pants these days, ha?


IRI knows now that Obama has Russia on its side, and since Russia would sacrifice IRI in a heartbeat to get good relations with the West, IRI knows it is losing support, fast!


I see the end of your beloved IRI…soon! God I wish I can be there to see your face when that happens!