Iran's Politics Open a Generational Chasm
NY Times / Nazila Fathi
22-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Numerous children of prominent Iranians have become estranged from
their powerful parents since the election, which the opposition says
was rigged. Thousands more middle-class families have been divided by
the generational chasm that opened over the summer.

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Shah Ghollam

I really wonder

by Shah Ghollam on

In the 80's, many young Iranians used to abuse the refugee status  and Western anti Iranian atmosphere to claim they were refugees because they joined MKO and other anti Iranian organizations.

In lieu of news of many Iranian women who marry Iranians in Europe and North America to simply leave Iran for better lives in the West or because of "Chesho-hamcheshmi" and the subsequent massive divorce rate of such marriages, I am wondering how much of such "refugees' have to do with "ideology differences" than the alterior motives specially when we do know the examples we read in the papers are mostely from well to do families that can have pretty much anything and more available to them in Iran than they can wish for here.