Sarkozy defends son's top-job bid amidst a row of critics
15-Oct-2009 (6 comments)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says his 23-year-old son has been
"thrown to the wolves" over a bid to secure a top-level business job.

national row has erupted over Jean Sarkozy seeking to become head of
Epad, which manages La Defence, France's top business district.

calls of nepotism, more than 40,000 people signed an online petition
calling for Mr Sarkozy Jnr to withdraw, while allies of Jean Sarkozy
insist he is the "natural" choice.

Hugh Schofield reports.

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I am aware of that (to Ostad)

by kharmagas on

I was referring to Farah Rusta who posts comments here. She seems very informed in some areas.


kharmagas, I was referring to Ms. Farah Diba...

by Ostaad on

the Shah's widow.


Maybe because he is not a bad guy. (to Ostad)

by kharmagas on

I don't know much about Farah Rusta, ..., but she confidently said that RP2 is smart enough not to be used as a puppet of AIPAC and the crazy faction of Monarchists (*). ... if true, ...., what more can one expect from him? (BTW, this does not imply that I believe in monarchism)

(*) I don't this DK is in that faction although he is very nutty here and there!



Darius, let's think out of the box...

by Ostaad on

I know you are a Monarchist, and that's quite OK with me. But unfortunately you seem to be mistaking being a Monarchist with being a "Pahlavist"!

So here's my suggestion: Come up with a Constitutional Monarchy platform that does NOT include RP. Throughout the Iranian history, deposed dynasties have NEVER been able to return to the throne - your comparisons to Spain, etc. is just a waste of time.

Even if you want someone from THAT family, I'm OK with Ms. Farah Diba, but not that sorry excuse for a "valiahd".

It seems to me "you guys" are pissing the possibility of restoring the Constitutional Monarchy in Iran off by blindly, and irresponsibly, wasting your time on the "Slacker".

What do you think, kemosabe?


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Ostaad Well I have to give you that on this one!

Except that Sarkozy's son's only 23 and hardly any qualification other than as much ambition as his father.

RP on the otherhand Can Fly on hs own wings without a tap of encouragement on the shoulder by his long demised father ...




If Ghaddafi can do it, why not...

by Ostaad on


DK, hameh yek gohi shodan, but your Prince Slacker. Don't tell him that. He may start throwing his legos at you.