Bring Back the Caliphate
Middle East Transparent / Soner Cagaptay
14-Oct-2009 (one comment)

The reaction in Turkey to the recent
death of Ertugrul Osman, heir to the Ottoman throne and successor to
the last Caliph, could not be more shocking. Islamists in kaftans and
long beards gathered in Istanbul two weeks ago to bury the titular head
of the world Muslim community, a scotch-drinking, classical
music-listening Western Turk who until recently lived on New York
City’s Upper East Side.


Islamists exploit a mythology

by FG on

As the article observes: "The debate over the Ottoman caliphate’s legacy has ramifications not only for Turkey, but also for contemporary Muslims and the Western world’s desire to counter radical Islamists."  That would include Iran where the present government shows the same anti-western bias.