Iranian opposition detainees freed in Iraq
Associated Press
07-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

BAGHDAD — A group of 36 Iranian opposition members were returned Wednesday to an exile camp in northern Iraq after nearly three months in Iraqi custody and despite an ongoing effort to expel them, a government spokesman said.

The men were returned to Camp Ashraf, where nearly 3,500 members of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran have been confined since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, while the Iraqi government works to find a country other than Iran that will take them, said spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh.

The opposition group claimed the 36 were on a hunger strike during their detention and were in a weakened state when they arrived back at Camp Ashraf.

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These poor bastards are

by Daadaash on

These poor bastards are living in so called Camp Ashraf while their boss, Rajavi is in Paris!  What a load of BS!


Why don't the current occupants of Camp Ashraf ask for...

by Ostaad on

asylum from the EU and other countries to have accepted the Rajavi crime family members with open arms. What's the problem, do these people smell, have lice or something?

Does anyone know what these road-kills of the Rajavi crime family intend to do for the rest of their lives?  It's a fact that Iraq does not want them there and the Iraqi government is going to continue to harass them.

My suggestion is for the EU and the US to take these rank-and-file people, who were used as discarded political condoms, and send the Rajavi crime family members back to live in Ashraf happily ever after.

Any suggestions, folks?