UFO tracks Iranian missiles
The Sun
06-Oct-2009 (7 comments)

A UFO streaks through the sky in this astonishing video of the Iranians test firing a controversial missile.

The mystery object zooms unseen through Iran's airspace — before splitting a cloud in two as the film focuses in on the soaring rocket.

A UFO expert today described the unknown craft — which appears to be tracking the weapon — as "phenomenal".

Iran launched two short-range missiles last Saturday — angering the West and Israel.

A US report on Fox News revealed the UFO in footage of the second launch.

The video shows the Shahab-3 rocket soaring into the sky.

But after 38 seconds a nearby cloud is mysteriously torn in two by a flying object travelling at speed.

Nick Pope, a respected former UFO analyst for the Ministry of Defence, examined the remarkable footage.

He hinted that whatever ripped through the cloud was not man made.

He said: "One theory is that it's a secret American drone. At any time there are prototype aircraft and drones being operated that won't be shown in public for years.

"Stealth aircraft flew for many years before their existence was acknowledged.

"But the speed and acceleration seems phenomenal. I'm not convinced we've got anything capable of... >>>

Shifteh Ansari

Bekhaneed o bekhandeed! :o)

by Shifteh Ansari on

There's even a video of the "evidence!"  Too funny!



Anonymous Observer

by پیام on

I have seen the gentleman on a Discovery Channel show once. It is up until today still unclear what the whole deal was. Maybe some zionist concpiracy, who knows ;)

Anonymous Observer

Abarmard, Payam & Shifteh

by Anonymous Observer on

There was a very famous UFO incident in Iran back in 1976.  Here are the details about it:


and here's one of the pilots talking about it:


In fact, recently I saw a report on CNN on a roundtable in the U.S. of respectable former professionals from various armed forces around the world talking about UFO incidents, and this gentleman, Gen. Jafari (who is now retired) was one of the panelists. 


Yep, my comments here really undermine Iranians.

by پیام on

What's next? Ahmadinejad is a real phd after all?

And fyi, it is misinterpretation if it happens once, maybe twice. It seizes to be a misiterpretation once it is repeated thousand time over and over again. Wether i.r., incompetent as it is, can pull the job and wipe Israel of the face of the map/earth, is another question.


How about shooting star

by Abarmard on

Could it be some rocks shooting down from space?


I noticed that also

by Abarmard on

I saw this first at Shabake Khabar from IRIB and noticed the same thing. Seems like there was a missle that was fired in that direction. Could it be that Iran or some other country tried to test/destroy the rocket and missed?

Payam, it's not wise and tactful to force down our throat a mis interpertation of an speech over and over again. It is also not smart to try to point out a threat from Iran to Israel that does not exist. It is not best for our national security, national interest and Iranian people. Thanks.



by پیام on

Maybe i.r. threatened the Marsians to be wiped off the face of the milk way as well ;)