How Israel Was Disarmed
Wall Street Journal
06-Oct-2009 (6 comments)

Jan. 20, 2010

NEW YORK—When American diplomats sat down for the first in a series of face-to-face talks with their Iranian counterparts last October in Geneva, few would have predicted that what began as a negotiation over Tehran's nuclear programs would wind up in a stunning demand by the Security Council that Israel give up its atomic weapons.

Yet that's just what the U.N. body did this morning, in a resolution that was as striking for the way member states voted as it was for its substance. All 10 nonpermanent members voted for the resolution, along with permanent members Russia, China and the United Kingdom. France and the United States abstained. By U.N. rules, that means the resolution passes.

The U.S. abstention is sending shock waves through the international community, which has long been accustomed to the U.S. acting as Israel's de facto protector on the Council. It also appears to reverse a decades-old understanding between Washington and Tel Aviv that the U.S. would acquiesce in Israel's nuclear arsenal as long as that arsenal remained undeclared. The Jewish state is believed to possess as many as 200 weapons.

Tehran reacted positively to the U.S. abstention. "For a long time we have said about Mr. Obama that we see change but no improvement," said Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki. "Now we ca... >>>

Shifteh Ansari

A nuclear-weapons-free zone in the ME?!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Well, it's a very good dream to have.  I doubt things will be that smooth, but it was fun to dream of peace even if just for a few minutes!



I am shocked.

by Examiner on

"An administration spokesman said the timing of the vote was "purely coincidental."" Then, why on January 20th (Two days before Guantanamo Bay detention camp will be closed)?

I was expecting this UNSC vote to take place on April 1st. Why was is it moved forward by 10 weeks?

Does it make any (non)sense? 




Wouldn't THAT be a nice

by HollyUSA on

Pave the way to peace AND induce some much needed aneurysms. AWESOME.  Khoda az ghalame Mr Stephens beshnaveh inshallah.


I almost fell off my chair, easy sister.

by Bavafa on



Seems far-fetched, but not implausible

by Ostaad on

The Yaboo crossed a bright red line by openly and callously defying the US's reasonable and friendly request to halt the construction of illegal colonies inhabited by the Jewish extremists and terrorists. That reasonable request was designed to be the main starter of the peace process, which would be beneficial for everyone involved. Achieving peace with the Palestinians would effectively neutralize Iranian opposition to it too. But the right wingers in Israel and their supporter in the US have no stomach for peace not now, not ever.

Israel will have hell to pay and this is only the beginning. 

Shah Ghollam


by Shah Ghollam on

that will be the day!!!!!