ElBaradei bound for Iran to pin down Geneva accord

VIENNA (Reuters) - The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog will head to Iran this weekend to pin down an Iranian pledge, made at talks with big powers on Thursday, to open a newly revealed atomic plant to inspections. The Geneva meeting, which also yielded agreement on follow-up talks later this month, lowered the tension a notch in a standoff over fears that Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons.

But Western powers said Iran must give access to the nascent enrichment site within two weeks and offer broader gestures of transparency at the second round of talks to gain a longer respite from the threat of tougher U.N. sanctions.

Iran emerged from the talks looking more cooperative but avoided the main issue by insisting on a sovereign right to atomic energy, again sidestepping an offer of trade incentives for curbing its nuclear program.

Iran also gave no ground on U.N. demands for unfettered U.N. ins... >>>

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