IRAN: Secret nuclear plant broke transparency law, says IAEA chief
Los Angeles Times / Jeffrey Fleishman

The head of the United Nations nuclear enforcement agency said Wednesday that Iran violated transparency laws when it failed to notify international inspectors it was building a second uranium-enrichment plant.

 "Iran was supposed to inform us on the day it was decided to construct the facility. They have not done that," Mohamed ElBaradei, of the  International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a CNN-India interview during a trip to New Delhi. “They have been on the wrong side of the law, you know, insofar as informing the agency about the construction, and as you have seen it, it has created concern in the international community.”

ElBaradei’s comments came the day before Iran was set to meet in Geneva with the U.S. and other world powers to discuss a range of issues, including Tehran’s nuclear program. Washington and its European allies claim that the recent disclosure of what had been a secret nuclear plant is further indication Tehran is determined to produce atomic weapons. 

Iran claims its nuclear program is designed to generate energy for civilian use. Hassan Ghafourifard, a senior member of the Iranian Parliament, told Iran’s Press TV that Tehran would not abandoned uranium enrichment, despite Weste... >>>

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