Everything You Know About Iran Is A Myth
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29-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

So, who really cares what a myth is, and what bearded foreigners half a world away have to say about it? Normally, this might just be an interesting academic discussion, but right now it actually matters that we try to understand what Ahmadinejad is really saying, because the Iranian government is currently the target of a disinformation campaign designed to soften up public opinion for regime change in that country. When we hear an inflammatory claim being pushed by our corporate media about Iran and its president - like for example, Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust!!! we would do well to remember the sad performance of our news media in laying the foundation for war in 2003, and to ask ourselves whether each new revelation is real news, or manufactured news designed to mobilize public opinion for a new war.

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Mardom Mazloom

Shah Gholam,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Khamenei's valet wouldn't have done better than you on this site. You are then more a Gholam of Sultan Ali than a king who is Gholam. So I suggest you to change your nickname to Gholam Shah or Nokareh Ali gueda, it'll reflect better what you are.

Farhad Kashani

Shah Gholam, Wow,

by Farhad Kashani on

Shah Gholam,

Wow, you’re so smart! You have hit it on a nail this time buddy!

You shameless thug! Everything is a myth, ha?? Ok, so:

IRI murdering, imprisoning, torturing, raping, exiling its innocent citizens for asking for their basic rights that the vast majority of people around the world, all a “myth”!

IRI butchering human rights values, not allowing freedom of press, not allowing freedom of expression, not allowing social freedoms, not allowing religious freedoms, oppression minorities, oppressing religious groups, oppressing opposition, having the highest rate of executions, executing gays, executing human rights activist, writers, artists, students, in front of the worlds’ eyes all a “myth”!

IRI perpetuating for 30 years now, Islamic fundamentalism causing the rise of the “martyrdom” death culture and subsequently the rise of groups like Al Qaeda and Taliban because of that, causing millions of death by the hand of IRI inspired and prototypes Islamists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, S Arabia, Istanbul, Philippines, Bali, London, Madrid, NY, DC, elsewhere, all a “myth”!

IRI ruining Iran’s economy, highest rate of inflation, ruined national currency, unprecedented unemployment, corruption, closed economic environment….all a “myth”!

Provoking the U.S, the West, Israel, Arabs, and others, day and night, for 30 years now, to start a fight (i.e war) for no other reason than IRIs thuggish nature, all a “myth”!

The only myths here are as follows: 1- You giving a damn about Iran and its people. 2- You are NOT a thug wannabee. 3- You are NOT saying all this out of severe desperation since IRI is gradually falling.