Iranian Protester Flees After Telling of Torture
N Y Times / Nazila Fathi
27-Sep-2009 (one comment)

When he eagerly joined the mass street protests that followed Iran’s tainted June 12 presidential elections, Ibrahim Sharifi, 24, hoped only to add his voice to the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators demanding that the government nullify the results. He never imagined that he would eventually have a far greater impact, as the only person willing to speak publicly about the brutal treatment he was subjected to in prison, including rape and torture.

Mr. Sharifi, who recounted his ordeal to the opposition leader and former presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi, and then released a video account last month on opposition Web sites, is now in Turkey. He said he fled Iran after a stranger stopped him on the street to tell him his family would be killed if he testified before a parliamentary committee that was investigating the torture and rape accusations.


Fascism at work

by FG on

Khamenei's attitude seems to be, "If I can blatantly rig an election and then beat, torture, rape and murder anyone who doesn't like it, then I can surely rig any judicial investigation into the sort of crimes I've always encouraged."