Amid Protests, Iran Leader Calls Holocaust a Myth
New York Times
18-Sep-2009 (one comment)

In a speech to a pro-Palestinian rally, which also fell on the eve of the Jewish New Year, Mr. Ahmadinejad called confrontation with “the Zionist regime” a “national and religious duty,” news reports said.

Several reports quoted him as saying the Holocaust was false pretext for the establishment of Israel in 1948. “It is a lie” based on an unprovable and “mythical claim,” he was quoted as saying in the speech.

Mr. Ahmadinejad said the Israeli “regime has no future. Its life has come to an end,” Reuters reported.

Mr. Ahmadinejad made similar remarks after his first election as president in 2005. But, coming only days before scheduled talks between his government and western powers, his latest denial of the Holocaust seemed likely to cast a cloud over those discussions.

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Shah Ghollam

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not

by Shah Ghollam on

the only person expressing such doubts? There is a large group of holocaust denials. Just google it and you would be amazed how many people are having the same doubts with increasing numbers.

In all honesty, One can easily arrive at such conclusions by simply looking at what the holocaust survivers and their children have contriuted to uprooting and the genocide of other people in the post WWII. It is not conceivable to accept Holocaust when one looks at crimes committed by the very people who cry out and seek sympathy for Holocaust. In addition, it is common knowledge that the vast majority of Jews have assumed silence if not outright support in such crimes of post WWII Jews against Palestinians in particular and Lebanes in general for forced migrations, massacares of civilians, anhilation of towns, destruction of farms, continue harassments of Palestinians, torture, crimes against humanity and other hideous crimes where the defenceless populations were the main targets.

It also goes without saying that the majority of the Jews today live in democratic countries. A major difference from the Nazi germany where all Germans were living under dictarorship and thus forced to be silent against any state crimes. It is an undeiable fact that the world Jewery is either whole hartedly supporting the death , destruction and genocide of palestinians or they, in total freedom,  voluntarily assume silence. How on the earth they can critisize those who deny the Holocaust after all, the Holocaust was just sixty years ago, how could the same people, after their own claimed horrific history, turn around and quickly comit crimes against humanity to a people totally innocent as far as holocaust events were concerned ?

If jeorge Bush has cheapened "Democracy" around the world, the Jews must take the blame for cheapening their "Holocaust"!

Boldly expose Zionists