Ahmadinejad says internal enemies committed post election crimes
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08-Sep-2009 (4 comments)

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that there is conclusive documentation showing that elements affiliated with the rioters perpetrated some of the crimes committed against the people detained during the post-election unrest.

"I have a firm belief that some of the crimes that were committed at one of the detention centers and at the dormitory of the University of Tehran are linked to a scenario to provoke riots and unrest," Ahmadinejad stated at a press conference here on Monday.

"I have lived approximately 30 years in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and I am familiar with Iranian society. Not only loyalists but any noble Iranian citizen who loves his country would never engage in illegal actions like those that happened after the election," he added.


Iran's regime is being framed

by FG on

So why is the Ahmadinejad/Khamenei regime is trying to eliminate all evidence to the contrary by raiding offices of anyone who investigates independently and by intimidating, torturing and eliminating witnesses?  And how did these riots sneak past prison guards and find endless time to torture, rape and murder fellow demonstrators?  Odd, isn't it?

This claim is as funny as "the election wasn't rigged," "those on trial confessed voluntarily because they were so impressed by the kindness of their guards and Jafari's claim that there were 20 dead Basilj and only nine dead demonstrators.  Challenged to name them by Karoubi, Javari just stuttered helplessly. 

Does the regime really think anyone believes such nonsense?




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Behesti wakes up in hospital, then is punched in face

by FG on

That's one of several interesting items in today's news roundup at
Tehran Bureau. One of the responses provides more details on what was
done to him.

An ex-IRCG commander working with Mousawi was also arrested. I'd
imagine he'd be in for "special treatment" as a perceived traitor.

How long will it be until we get new "confessions" from both men? How
can anyone thing the Islamic Republic of Iran has any value whatsoever?

See: Selected Headlines – Tehran Bureau.

While you are at Tehran Bureau, check out their interesting article entitled, "Where Is Tehran headed?"

For those who missed it, check out what happened to Atefeh Iman as part
of Khameni's recent campaign targeting the children of prominent

Atefeh, the 18 year old daughter of Javad Imam (Mousavi’s
imprisoned campaign Chief of Staff), after had been kidnapped and
detained in an undisclosed location for nearly 28 hours was set free
around dusk near Tehran’s cemetery yesterday in bad condition and
without any money while her purse was taken! She was under pressure to
“confess” to having unethical relations with some of the imprisoned
political activists!

Lynn Wong Abdullah

AN on over-dose again!

by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

It is always someone's else that is provoking and inginiting these riots.  These past month since the post election upraising, a whole list of people has been accused of being spy (that includes me just cos, I am engaged to an Iranian and I dont even live in Iran), the west for encouraging the riot, the western media, the western journalist and the rest of the world, but it is never about the regime!  So millons that flooded & took to the streets of Tehran that prostested peacefully were moved and encouraged by western media and now it is internal enemies!? AN, make up your your bloody mind!  So who is next on the blame list!