IRGC declares open war on the reform movement
Tehran Bureau / Nikahang Kowsar/
05-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

The emergence of Mohammad-Ali Jafari, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, as the new spokesman for the right-wing establishment push against the reformists may have brought the Guards into the open as the prime movers in attempts to deliver the opposition a killer blow.

This week, under the cover of Iran’s skewed and subservient semi-official media, top guardsman Jafari issued a forceful attack on senior reformists, former President Mohammad Khatami and Secretary General of the Assembly of Combatant Clerics, Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi-Khoeniha.

Referring to evidence no more substantial than the confession extracted from high-profile detainee Mohammad-Ali Abtahi, Jafari claimed that the real target of the opposition had, from the beginning, been the Office of the Supreme Leader.


Jafari invents new rationale for arrest of Khatami

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You may also find interesting the following report from Rooz.

"Jarari: Khatami Aiming to Elminate Leader."  In other words, merely to advocate reform is to advocate revolution.  See;



Note the change in the nature of IRCG attacks and the new basis being prepared for arrest of top reformers.  Instead of being accused of working for foreign agents, they are now being accused of plotting against the Supreme Leader and even making Khamenei do things that would undermine his popularity.

See also an earlier post I made here on the history of Guard interference against reform, including much earlier threats to Rafsanjani and to Khatami when he was president.


Yes, the Iranian Republic now has a Praetorian Guard.  For more on that, see my subpost under the above link.




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