OK, the Cabinet's In, Has Ahmadinejad Won?
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
04-Sep-2009 (one comment)

The President’s immediate victory, with one unexpected minor setback (the loss of his proposed Minister of Energy), does not mean that the battle is over. Far from it. However, to appreciate the tensions, contests, and manoeuvres, you have to read far beyond “mainstream”
coverage, especially outside Iran.


More Trouble Is Coming

by FG on

Khamenei schemed for 20 years to convert the Islamic “republic” into an absolute monarchy supported by a tiny and extreme aristocracy.  The Election Day Coup was supposed to culminate a long process after which his thugs would mop up.

That scenario flopped when Iran’s people stubbornly resisted.  Khamenei’s extremists imagined they could run a modern state without the support of the people.   They will learn otherwise.  Even before his coup, the economy was in bad  shape.   Events of the last three months have greased the slide.  People--including the middle-class technocrats needed to run ministries--have begun to drag their heels.   It is better that the economy collapses if it doing so brings down the regime and creates hope where rhere is none now. 

Production drops when  people spend their nights shouting their frustrations or covering walls everywhere with cries for human rights and justice, and when they tire of working without pay.  There is no incentive to work when the fruits of one’s labor enriches the very same thugs who beat, rape and murder a victimized country.  In an economy badly strapped for foreign investment, no one wants to subdizing a murderous, corrupt regime sitting on a powderkeg.