FBI fugitive who killed aide to Shah was editor on Iran’s Press TV
Times Online / Richard Kerbaj
03-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

An American fugitive, accused of murdering an aide to the late Shah of Iran in the United States, was made an editor of Iran’s English-language television network in Tehran.

Hassan Abdulrahman, who is wanted by the FBI for shooting dead Ali Akbar Tabatabai in Maryland, worked for Iran’s flagship broadcaster Press TV, which has bureaus across the world, including London.

A Press TV journalist who resigned in protest over the channel’s coverage of the apparently rigged Iranian election in June told The Times yesterday that Mr Abdulrahman was chief editor at the head office of the network. The journalist, who wanted to remain anonymous for security reasons, said that Mr Abdulrahman showed no remorse when quizzed by staff about murdering Mr Tabatabai.

“Knowing that a person wanted by the FBI for murder was influencing the editorial line of the network and choosing the stories people around the world would watch didn’t seem right to me,” the journalist said.

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khaleh mosheh

'...but some people just ask for it!'

by khaleh mosheh on

Prime example of hatred....Thats how these IRI goons justify their crime of raping and murdering innocent Iranian. 

K1r1000..you are a disciple of Mesbah-Yazdi I presume? 


I am all for "Hassan Abdulrahman"

by k1s1000 on

If you knew who Tabatabai was , then you would not worry too much about his killer. Tabatabai was head of Savak in Washington DC, keeping an eye on Iranian students activities in USA. When he died, that evening FBI kept  visiting all the people whose phone numbers were found in Tabatabai's  "phone book" asking us (all Iranian students in MD, Wash DC, and Virginia area) what we knew about him and why he had our phone numbers in his books. Until that time I had no idea who the hell Tabatabai was.  He died, and finally the truth came out.

I have no ill will towards anyone, but some people just ask for it!