Panel in Iran Will Oversee Investigations Into Unrest
New York Times / Michael Slackman
31-Aug-2009 (3 comments)

CAIRO — Conservative rivals of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran have continued to challenge his drive to consolidate power, appointing a committee to supervise investigations into the unrest that swept the nation after he claimed a landslide victory in the disputed presidential election in June, political analysts said.

On Saturday, a day before Mr. Ahmadinejad stepped before a hostile Parliament to defend his 21 nominees for the cabinet — one of the many internal fights he is confronting — the chief of the judiciary, Sadeq Larijani, announced the appointment of a panel to oversee investigations by allies of the president into the postelection unrest.

Mr. Larijani, a rival of the president, said the committee was told “to ensure that the defendants’ rights are reserved and that they are treated properly,” according to the semi-official Fars news service, offering a not-too-subtle vote of no confidence in the president’s handling of events. >>>

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by Shepesh on



All political manuevering for survival

by mahmoudg on

Larijani's brother is the new Judiciary chief.  How can Ali be a rival to Ahmadinjead.  Like he would conduct an investigation that would incriminiate Ahmadinejad and his own brother!!!, hence the "nezam".  Get real.  They are all playing muddy the water political games, just to ensure the survival of the regime and nothing else.

khaleh mosheh

Oh yeah

by khaleh mosheh on

They will investigate this the same way as they investigated the election engineering.

It will be a whitewash.