Prosecutor In 1994 Argentina Bombing Implicates Iran
RFE/RL via payvand / Mohammad Reza Kazemi
30-Aug-2009 (one comment)

RFE/RL's Radio Farda correspondent Mohammad Reza Kazemi interviewed Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor handling the case of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina. The prosecution asserts that the attack, which killed 85 people and wounded 300, can be traced to Hizbullah and Iran. Ahmed Vahidi, recently named to be Iranian defense minister, is alleged to have been involved in planning the attack.

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Nisman has provided no evidence...

by Ostaad on

The Argentine "justice" department has consistantly failed to provide any evidence of Iran's culpability in the terrorist attack on the Jewish Center in Argentina.

This case was hijacked by the Zionista from its inception to be used as a club to hit Iran whenever the opportunity arises. The problem the accusers have been consistently failing to back up their accusations with evidence acceptable by courts.

For example, consider the case of Hadi Soleimanpour, one of the accused:

"A High Court judge said yesterday there was "no
clear evidence" that an Iranian diplomat arrested in Britain was
involved in a bomb attack in Argentina nine years ago.

Hade Soleimanpour, the former Iranian ambassador
to Argentina, was freed on bail of £700,000 pending an extradition
hearing next week.

After reading two
investigators' reports into the 1994 car bomb attack on a Jewish
cultural centre in Buenos Aries that killed 85 people, Mr Justice Royce
concluded: "The report doesn't lead to any clear evidence demonstrating
his involvement in the attacks."


To prove how dishonest the Argentinian accusers, who have been pressured and/or bribed by Iran's enemies, consider the fact that some Argentinian Jewish journalists sounded the alarm from the very beginning that local Argentinian anti-Semites were the planners and executors of explosion. These sources lamented the fact that hijacking of the case by Iran's enemies to be used for cheap political propaganda purposes actually prevents the justice to be carried since the real culprits are not being sought due to the diversion of attention and gossip mongering.

Argentina's "case" against Iran has no merit because the Argentinian "justicd" cannot produce any court-acceptable evidence and instead it relies on innuendos.

Here are some examples from Jeffrey Goldman's report:

"Argentine officials have openly accused Iran of involvement in the
bombing, and they have accused Hezbollah of carrying it out (the court
has identified the man believed to be the suicide bomber but his name
has not yet been released). Four of the defendants are police officers,
who are accused of collaborating with the bombers. Charges that the
police force in Argentina harbors officers with anti-Semitic tendencies
have circulated for years."

"Earlier this year, it was disclosed that a man calling himself
Abdolghassem Mesbahi, who claimed to be an Iranian intelligence
official, had told investigators that former President Carlos Saul
Menem of Argentina maintained close relations with Iran and took a
ten-million-dollar bribe to cover up Iran’s involvement in the bombing.
Menem, who is of Syrian descent, has denied the charge. He hopes to run
again for President.

- hmmm, these people are not even sure whether thier "source" was using his real name, just that he "claimed" who he was!!!

Lawyers for the Jewish community have used Mesbahi’s testimony,
along with information gathered in Argentina and abroad, to construct a
time line of activities leading up to the bombing. The head lawyer,
Marta Nercellas, described to me a plot that was set in motion at 4:30
P.M. on August 14, 1993, in a Tehran office belonging to the Iranian
Ministry of Intelligence. According to the time line, the Ministry,
with the involvement of the minister, Ali Fallahian, asked a team made
up of Lebanese Hezbollah operatives and its own agents, many of whom
worked under diplomatic cover, to plan the attack."

- wow, you mean to tell me these lawyers relied on the tesimony of a man whose identity was based on his "claim"?!!!

The Israel supporters in Congress have been trying their level best to implicate Iran have meet disappointment due to lack of evidence too, but based on what evidence? The followint may help:

"Ms. Ros-Lehtinen. Thank you very much. I thank the gentle- men for their excellent testimony.

Ambassador, in your statement, you had said, "the government of Argentina has not yet charged any suspect for the 1994 AMIA bombing, but the evidence points to Hizballah as the bomber." The operation was a virtual duplicate of the 1992 suicide bombing in which a vehicle carrying massive explosive charges detonated in front of the Israeli Embassy, Ansar ^lah, a clandestine subgroup of Hizballah, issued a statement expressing support for the bomb- ing of the AMIA center after it happened. You later state Hizballah's chief patron is Iran and it is likely that Iran was aware of and provided support to the two Buenos Aires bombings. We be- lieve that Hizballah has not committed terrorist acts abroad with- out Iranian consent. So you would say that in your expert opinion that that very same terrorist group was responsible for both bombings in Argentina just a few years apart? Mr. Wilcox. That is correct, Madam Chairman. Ms. Ros-Lehtinen. And the chief patron of this group, as we pointed out, is Iran. In your expert testimony, you believe that that would not happen without the expressed consent of Iran, and certainly the State De- partment's annual Patterns Report on international terrorism in part describes Hizballah as, "closely allied with and often directed by Iran." Therefore, if Hizballah is behind both of these terrorist attacks in Argentina, certainly Iran seems to be behind as to who is ulti- mately responsible for the AMIA bombings and Secretary Chris- topher at one point blamed Iran for this bombing. You would say that that is true. Mr. Wilcox. Yes. Iran is the chief state sponsor of international terrorism and, as you know, the President has tightened U.S. sanc- tions against Iran recently with a full embargo against any U.S. trade with Iran. We hope other nations will respond similarly to tighten sanctions and bring home to Iran that this kind of behavior is beyond the pale of civilized conduct. Ms. Ros-Lehtinen. Would you say that Iran has been using its embassies and its diplomats to promote and support international terrorism around the globe, including possibly this attack, the lat- est attack in Argentina? What is the use of their embassies, their operation with the diplomats? How is that tied into the bombings? Mr. Wilcox. There is significant evidence, Madam Chairman, of a classified nature, that the Iranian government does use its em- bassies around the world in support of terrorist activities. " Source: Terrorism in Latin America/AMIA bombing in Argentina: hearing before the Committe on International Relations, House of Representatives... - There MAY be "significant evidence" that Iran uses its employees to for un-diplomatic purposes, but what about this specific case? Finally, we can point the finger at the real culprits of this shameful propaganda "team-work", the Bush adminstration, Israeli and Argentinian governments. All accusers have used Iran-Hezbollah ties to implicate Iran, and that's not the kind of evidence any court can take seriously. The following article is a must read for anyone interested to know more about this case: "Both the main lawyer representing the AMIA, Miguel Bronfman, and Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral, who later issued the arrest warrants for the Iranians, told the BBC last May that pressure from Washington was instrumental in the sudden decision to issue the indictments the following month. Corral indicated that he had no doubt that the Argentine authorities had been urged to "join in international attempts to isolate the regime in Tehran." Source: Bush's Iran/Argentina Terror Frame-up Nisman has never been able to produce any evidence before, and I don't think he's even interested in doing so. Therefore we are being fed a steady diet of innuendos, gossips and unsubstantiated claims. In other words, lies, lies and lies.