An Ethno-Cultural Etymological Interconnection? Sounds Incredulous but Real! / Prof Davood N. Rahni

Many years ago a few Irish professors commissioned at the University of Tehran concluded there is a firm interconnection between Iran and Ireland in the distant past. At the time, skeptics including this then teenager perceived it naively as a part of the propaganda machinery by the Shah to embellish an [ultra-nationalistic] Aryan heritage for Iran and thus himself before his self coronation on the “Persian Peacock” throne that followed. I have since learnt that there are indeed much more inextricable scientific ethnographic and mythographic convergences in such findings than simply meet the eyes. Too bad Hitler’s ultra-racially driven crimes against humanity denigrated the use of the otherwise noble term Aryan; otherwise, Aryanism is one diverse racio-ethnic traits in a diverse series of a cornucopia of races and creeds, each with its duly recognized stature in evolutionary anthropology. Noone has succinctly delineated the interpolation of the Europeans, especially the-isolated-from-the-mainland Irish’s, to their Iranian language, mythology and ancient monuments better than the legendary 19th century Victorian era poet Francesca Wilde.

recommended by Darius Kadivar