BBC Persian Program "Beh Ebarateh Dighar" Interview former Iranian Ambassador
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26-Aug-2009 (5 comments)

Beh Ebarateh Dighar Talk Show interviews Ardeshir Zahedi former diplomat and Imperial Iran's ambassador to washington and son of former General Zahedi who masterminded the Coup of 1953 against Mohamed Mossadegh.

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I think DK would have done a better interview despite his bias!

by gol-dust on

What do you think? The guy was nervous.


He lets interviewers detract

by fozolie on

from the message that Emamzadeh Mossadegh "the defender of the constitution" went against the same constitution when he decided to rule by decree, a point that is not lost on Jebhe Gheir e Melli who try to whitewash it by saying he had no choice to carry out his "nationalistic" and "just" programme. What a load of codswallop!!!

But Zahedi is right in that Iranians don't understand by saying it was a CIA coup they show the stupidity of us as a nation strengthening the hands of foreigners. It is a national insult that we encourage ourselves!!! I don't understand why Iranians don't understand that point. It is a great bluff and that allows them to divie and rule to this day. Mir Fetrous is the only researcher who has seen the same point.  

Mr. Fozolie


Hard Talk??

by Princess on

This is supposed to be BBC Persian's Hard Talk? Where did they find this guy? Can't the BBC find someone better? A hard talk presenter needs to be a lot more assertive. I am sure there are many talented Iranians who could do a much better job. I can't believe this guy shows up to interview such a personality so ill prepared. 

Ali p. next time, you prepare the questions, I'll do the background research. After all, how difficult is it to do a better job? :)

Thanks for sharing DK! 

Darius Kadivar

I agree Ali P. Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

The problem was on both sides I think.

Zahedi naturally has his own personal views and any informed journalist or historian would know what they are. So the purpose of such an interview should have been to draw us on what new insight Zahedi's book offered and eventually to contradict him based on what the journalist may have noticed as biaised ... instead he went on quoting from Pirnia's book ...

That was not very professional.

Such an important witness who played an important role during the Pahlavi Era deserved a much longer interview and a better interviewer. 

On the otherhand Zahedi doesn't always give others the opportunity to debate or contradict him easily. Some of it I think is due to old age also.

But I do share one of Zahedi's arguments and that is that given the Constitution of the Time, the Shah was head of State and Not Mossadegh. From this context the use of the term "Coup" seems inappropriate. That does not mean that What the Shah did was good or bad but that it was "legal" however unpopular.

A less dogmatic and passionate debate ( on both sides ) could lead to more accurate assessment on that era.

I believe Abbas Milani has interviewed Zahedi in detail for the purpose of his upcoming book on the Shah. So I guess he will offer a much more detailed and interestingly Fresh outlook on those years.

This is an interesting recent interview of Milani which I will blog tomorrow:




Ali P.

Lousy interview

by Ali P. on

Zahedi represents a small minority's view on 28 Mordad.

So many good questions could have been asked, and the guy interviewing him blew it.

Thanks DK for the link.