Top Iran reform figures on trial
25-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

The trial has begun in Iran of a number of senior opposition figures following June's disputed presidential election.

The defendants, who include former ministers in the 1997-2005 Khatami government, are accused of conspiring with foreign powers to organise unrest.

Two leading economists are also on trial, Saeed Leylaz and Kian Tajbaksh.

It is the fourth such trial since the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a conservative, sparked pro-reform street protests.

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Darius Kadivar

Quite True

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes I agree with your general points.

Things will become clearer I expect by December. I have a gut feeling that the September deadline will be prolonged cause no one really has a clear idea how to cope with the IAEA ultimatum. But Iran does risk surgical attacks by Israel ( if they will be that foolish to do so that is) if they maintain a stubborn stance as if nothing is at stake.

The US won't attack that is for sure but Israel ? ..,

The major difference with before the elections is that I don't think Iranians would be as staunchly opposed to surgical attacks ( however stupid, pointless and counterproductive ) after what happened on the streets. But such an attempt would be very stupid and clumsy on behalf of the Israelians given that the danger of a 2nd Holocaust is truly a product of the sick minds of Neo Con Israelis imagination.

But it is in the interest of Iranian leadership not to provoke Israel any further or otherwise it will suffer the consenquences of a humiliaring retaliation.

I personally doubt that an arrogant Ahmadinejad would be any more reasonable. Like Adolf He is a Lunatic but unlike Hitler he is No genius tactician !

Too bad I would have wished to add a few Mullah and IRI Scalps to my collection ...

Sieg Heil ... LOL

Just Kidding ! ;0)


rosie is roxy is roshan

Thanks Darius,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

a lot for the reply. I'm no lover of Rafsanjani, hardly anyone is, but that's what makes him the perfect one to play ball, it doesn't detract from the morale of the movement because he was never anyone's moral support. He should do what he can, and the implcit message to the 'Opposition'--tone it down just a bit for a bit--is probably also a good idea.


 agree with you about Karroubi; actually he was my guy from the start (not that I could vote) but I strongly encouraged people to vote for Moussavi, for the obvious reasons. It does not surprise me in the slightest that Karroubi is a cleric. One of the great tragedies of modern Iran is that people of the cloth are so thoroughly distrusted en masse (I call it the Iranian 'allergy' to religion-it's so bad that most of the time, at least here, no distinction is even made between organized religion and the concept of 'spirituality'). All the great movements for peaceful change had spiritual leaders-the Gandhis, the Kings, the Tutus. Then there were the Liberation Theologists in Latin America, etc. on the combative side (which I am against in principle, but...). .

It may also be possible that Karroubi being this strong voice now is a decision made among the three leaders (MKK),since I think-but I'm not sure-the indictments are being prepared only against the other two, but I'm not sure about the indictments part, do you know?

At this time there has to be a balance between 'subtle political manouevering' and 'staunch behaviour'. People are over-simplifying the reality (well that's part of the Alzheimer's isn't it? They've done that one before..). Something like say, no 'marg bar dictatur' in this demonstration, just 'free the political prisoners'. I have a feeling 'marg bar dictatur' will cause nothing but a sharp escalation in pyjama sales in Tehran right now. Tightrope walks like that, staunch yet subtle. Or this voice staunch, that voice subtle..

The Diaspora position is disheartening right now, at least on this site , which is a pretty vast sampling. It was already coming but I think Obama's press guy's statement about 'elected' was when the balloon burst and all the old venoms started spewing again. So toxic and so...pointless. Over sanctions, over how dare you even thnk Obama's words (US policies) matter even by the same people who categorically oppose the sanctions (US policy)-go figure, over the pure Aryan race, god knows what other stale old NON-SENSE!

The positive side is that there are some threads recently (Afshin's new blog, Siamacks 'Neda Was No Martyr') where some people seem to be seriously trying to heal these new/old rifts. The people in Iran need moral support. And the world needs to know what is happening. After all, you can't analyze everything. Did international pressure help or hurt Delara Darabi? Actually, unfortunately, it hurt. But holistically speaking, obviously, the world must know.

But when you get people here saying either he's evil, or he's stupid, or who cares, when a Sanei comes out with his second major speech against the Regime's action, and only two people saying 'good'...(which were me and publisher btw, hardly typical)..what does that say about the expat community keeping 'the flame alive'? Yes, I have noticed about the Alzheimer's. Thank you for noticing I noticed. lol



Darius Kadivar

Rosie Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I personally don't care for Rafsanjani's political stance. Objectively however he can play ball with the establishment and current leadership in order to safeguard what can be safeguarded of the so called "Opposition" leading the Green Mouvement. He can indeed try and soften Khamenei's wrath towards Khatami, Karoubi or Moussavi.

But the major problem today is that the Green Wave is in dire need of not only a leadership but more importantly people of conviction ready to boldly challenge the regime. I have not seen this quality in neither Khatami and even less in Moussavi.

ONLY Karroubi seems to have displayed a great deal of courage and genuin political stamina in his public stance against the clampdown of the the Protests and other abuses ( like Rape, torture etc ). This is all the more admirable that unlike Moussavi or Rezaie he is a cleric.

But neither of these people has to date displayed any striking attitude that could distinguish them as History makers and a force for change.

Maybe in the months to come Moussavi ( who seems to have had the favor of most Green voters) will come up with a more staunch behaviour or subtle political manouevering in order to have the upper hand but that cannot be possible without some support from powerful people like Rafsanjani or other members of the establishment who oppose Khamenei.

It is too early to see how things will evolve but I think people must be aware that they should truly count on themselves and continue to demonstrate their opposition in some form or other ( strikes, demonstrations etc)

That won't be easy given the level of repression in the country. The Diaspora however could be of a great help if they continue to demonstrate outside IRan and try to keep the flame alive as long as possible by alerting the media but essentially by demonstrating at large and regularly.

The key is the Keep the Green Flame Alive. That is the Real Challenge cause as you have noticed Iranians are alas often subject to Alzheimers ...  



rosie is roxy is roshan

So Darius, don't you think it's a good time

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

for Rafsanjani to try wheeling and dealing within the corridors of powers????