The Tehran Trial: The Regime Goes After the Reformists AND Rafsanjani
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
25-Aug-2009 (one comment)

when the regime played its first card today, prosecuting not only Hajjarian but all the leading reformist politicians and associates of former President Khatami, it threw down the challenge: We’re Going to Break You.

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Tactical suggestion if top reformers are arrested

by FG on

I refer to Rafsanjani, Moussavi, Kourrabi and Khatami.  Their arrest should make a general strike feasibe because the entire populace with have had enough of this nightmare regime.  Under these circusmstances, it will be supported out of desperation.  

People will  want to turn out in the streets en masse in but except for the bravest, many will be deterred by Khamenei's ruthless thugs.   What is needed is a way to demonstrate that doesn't play into the hands of security forces.

What if millions simply refuse to go to work and stand silently outside their houses all day long in every city, town and village.?  The bravest can wear green armbands and hold up photos of regime victims, shout slogans or engage in more public demonstrations on a basis of personal choice.

I had suggested a similar tactic previously if the regime lasts to the next election.  The point is the opposition needs something everyone can do.  Bazaar demonstrations can easily be smashed and a few merchants who close their doors pulverized.  Let everyone close their stores and stay away from their jobs.  

The regime's threat will be to fire everyone but it will hardly be practical if ten million or more turn out.  Some people who may not turn out originally will do so laater as the numbers grown.

 The nice thing about the Internet is that Khamenei and his puppets can arrest leaders but the people can organize something like this independently.