Rumors of secret mass grave of demonstrators confirmed by 2 sourves
Enduring America / Scott Lucas
21-Aug-2009 (one comment)

2035 GMT: We had heard rumours all day about this story but, given its explosive nature, had held off posting without confirmation. It has now appeared on a “reformist site”, Norooz, and has been recommended by the Facebook page of Zahra Rahnavard, Mir Hossein Mousavi’s wife.

A member of staff of a Tehran cemetery told Norooz that on both 12 July and 15 July, the bodies of tens of protestors were brought in without any identification, secretly and under strict security. Staff were forced to issue compulsory burial licences, and the bodies were interred in Section 302 of the cemetery.



by FG on

I hope someone dug up the grave and took photos because everyone knows how the regime will deny everything and hide evidence.  Those gravediggers will be in danger too.

I'm not surprised.  Coming on top of the rape accounts, this regime is so blood-drenched and discredited even new elections with international safeguards and all observers wouldn't satisfy now.    I can't see how  all these things can happen without approval from the very top, meaning the Supreme Leader himself and his Caligula-like offspring, Mojtaba.