Demanding the dismissal of Ramadan because of his performance on Press TV
Volkskrant / Janny Groen and Annieke Kranenberg

Frontpage Volkskrant August 14th, 2009 - Much ado in Rotterdam about the performance of a professor of the Erasmus University on Press TV, a ‘propaganda channel of the Iranian regime.’ Leefbaar Rotterdam (right wing party), SP (socialist party) and VVD (liberal party) demand an immediate dismissal of the professor, Tariq Ramadan, who also is an ‘integration advisor’ of the municipality of the city of Rotterdam.  

Neda Soltan

On the day that masses of students protested in Tehran against Ahmadinejad’s ‘election victory’ the muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan spoke about the discrimination of muslims in European universities on the Iranian satellite channel Press TV. Ramadans weekly programme Islam & Life of June 25th covered the subject of social activism on of Muslim students. Not a word was said about the philosophy student Neda Agha Soltan who was shot to death short before and who after her death became a symbol.

The program was possibly recorded before the repressed and bloody demonstrations. Nevertheless, the broadcast (from London) raised much protest among the Iranian diasporas. What does ‘bridge builder’ Ramadan – integration advisor to the municipality of the city Rotterdam – has to do at a TV channel financed by the Iranian regime? A channel which, according to viewers, projects the murder of Neda as ‘hyped and dramatized by ... >>>

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