Iran's top leader appoints new judiciary chief
15-Aug-2009 (10 comments)

Iran's state television says Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has appointed a hard-line cleric as the country's new judiciary chief.

Saturday's report says Sadeq Larijani will lead the judiciary for the next five years.

Larijani replaces conservative cleric Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, who has finished serving two customary five-year terms.

The new judiciary chief is Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani's brother and a member of the constitutional watchdog, the Guardian Council.

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Shah Ghollam

Mr. "Iranlast" I am afraid you can't msquerade Iran's history!

by Shah Ghollam on

you are simply too insignificant and ignorant to have such a role! 

"IRI and Islamists want us to believe that our ancestors were so naive that they were willingly looking around the world to find some tribe to invade Iran, be their new ruler, change their language, destroy their culture and replace it with the Bedouin culture, get rid of art and science, kill thousands, destroy cities, burn libraries, rape their wives, sell the women and children as slaves, and impose tax on non-believers of this barbaric cult. "

Mr. Iranlast, you take Iranians as stupid it seems. Now how you arrived at this is itself a different story I am sure.

But no one should take my word nor this Vatan Foroush who's head lies in Tel Aviv. In fact it would be a naive act.

 There is absolutely no need to pay attention to either me or this Iranlast fellow. There is plenty of material on the from credible universities on the internet on Iran history. What a sad times we live in that inspite of the best communication tools at the disposal of mankind, we have to listen to immortal enemies of Iraians and Iran such as this Mr. Iranlast! What a pitty.

For those who do not have much time, I suggest watching a one hour historical video presentation by Dr. Farzin Rezaeian. His work has gained him many awards and the work is fabiously entertaining with unique computer graphics that makes it a joy to watch.

The name of this video is:

                     Iran, Seven faces of civilization

It is available for free download or you can watch it on Youtube.

Don't allow your past to be manipulated by the enemies of Iranzamin. It is every Iranian's responsibility to know his/her history to preserve our identity.

Javid Iran


Dear Reza-San Diego

by IranFirst on

You are right. If you listen to IRI and Muslim apologists and their lie-spreading fairy tails about how Iranians accepted Islam as their saviour with open arms, one would ask why were Iranians forced by the sword to change (in addition to religion) their language,
why were the Iranian libraries (some of the best in the world) were burned by the Arab Savages. Why did many Iranians migrated to India and other far away places if the gift of Islam was so great. Why where many Iranians fighting with the invading Arab/Islamic rulers hundreds of years later(and to this date) to preserve the language and Iranian culture.

Here is just one book that anyone can look at. In "history of Tabari" one can see the comments that those depraved Muslim barbarians made in regards to the women of the conquered lands. In the chapter "the conquest of southwestern Iran", Tabari writes a passage in which the Muslims congratulate each other and mention how they took Persian women who in turn "bred" sons and warriors for their "Muslim masters".
This is clear indication of sexual slavery by the Mohammedan savages following examples set by Mohammad (the child molester) himself.

IRI and Islamists want us to believe that our ancestors were so naive that they were willingly looking around the world to find some tribe to invade Iran, be their new ruler, change their language, destroy their culture and replace it with the Bedouin culture, get rid of art and science, kill thousands, destroy cities, burn libraries, rape their wives, sell the women and children as slaves, and impose tax on non-believers of this barbaric cult.

Shah Ghollam

What a bunch of imaturish none-sense

by Shah Ghollam on

"The reason in my opinion: Lack of respect for the law in our culture, period. THAT won't change until WE change. "

Ostaad Gol gofti!

As for Mr. Reza San Diego, well, with all do respect what kind of a historic non sense are you trying to spread. It is baffeling how some people still beleve in this nonsense. The Persian Empire was corrupt to the bone at the time of Arab invasion. In fact the Empire was so repressive at the time against its own people. The class society existing at the time was not at all a rosy picture as you trying to paint. The Persians then whole heartedly surrondered to Arabs because they hated their own system so much. Islam's message was very attactive for the Iranian unprevilaged then such the peasents who were taxed to no limit by the previleged. 

Persia was great no doubt about that. However, that lasted as long as the people were happy with the system. The moment the situation changed to corruption and self indulgence the demise of even Persian Empire was not questionable. Empires come and go, some totally disappear some linger and perhaps rise again. That is history not a religious tale as you like to paint the picture.

The Persians made a great empire because they were hard honest working people with a vision of future something that the persians have lost in the past a couple of hundered years. You don't have to go too far in your neck of woods (In San Diego, where you live) to see what I am talking about, there are plenty of these Persians whoes whole existance depends on "Cheshm hamcheshmi" and who can indulge him/herself more than the neighbor from Mashhad/Iran to San Diego USA. If you think with that culture you can have The Persian Empire resurected, be my guest!

Since you suggested we all change our religion and become Zoroastrians, I have to tell you from personal experrience that there are also corrupt individuals in that society, let's say enough. But why on earth do they want to be flooded with millions of more corrupt people into their own religion is beyond me.

Just to prove to you that the problems with Iran is not religion but corruption, I refer you to many points inf history of Iran in Islamic era when Iran rose again and flourished excelling in sciences and humanities at the top of the world. Some of the wonders of the world in architecture were created during Islamic Iran, in fact, nothing like it in pre-Islamic Iran exists, period!

I see you attribute the down fall of Iran/Persia because of Islam. I wonder what your interpretation of history of down fall of Empires would be about the Roman, Greek, Austrian, Japanese, Honan, British and other demised empires including the one you are living in The United States of America? I suppose, those Empires must have fallen because of Islam too according to your history knowledge!

I will not pass a judgement on to you Mr. Reza San Diego but the roots of much of this none-sense talking about bad mouthing Islam and Arabs, expecially in the virtual world and with masked identities in the Internet, stem from a well organized campaign originating mostely from Israel for a good reason.

You see, while you are talking about rise of Persian Empire, you have been easily recruited to spread another countries agenda at the cost of all Iranians. It is a very simple and not at all complicated strategy of divide and role.

Iran is a jewl like no other in the middle east. A highly educated population (seventy million) with vast resources and strategically located is the bride of all conquests in the region. By spreading garbage about Islamic religion and raising the glory of the past, the intension is to make believe a non-sense that will ultimately create a divide in the Iranian nation to say the least if not bring such a disaster that will pit Iranians against Iranians in a blood bath, not to mention invite Arabs who would be fearing another non muslim racist (albiet true) country such as Israel in their back yard into the conflict while Israel continues to plunder from left and right and laugh at us from the sideline. Iran's loss is Israel's gain!

Iran is, with all its problems and shortcomings, emerging as a power to recon with. This emergence is not at all healthy for Israel and the Zionists existance. Iran, unlike what you mentioned, is a quite a popular country among most Arabs on the streets. The internet is at your disposal to do a quick google search and find out for yourself.

We have many of these "faceless" Zionists even here at namely, Fred, Irandost and so on who would even sell their mothers if they could to succeed in propagating the historical non-sense and convince some "Persians" into bying garbage. 

No doubt Iran is having problems at this moment in her glorious history. But make no mistake, as much as the media is overwhelmingly is hard at work to show that there is a irrepairable disaster going on in Iran, the fact is, these turmoils are not even a ripple in Iran's history. Check with your life history and compare. The current crisis does not even come close to any major historical events in the past thirty years let alone 2500 years of Persian history. For example Iran/Iraq war was a major event in the world and Iran overcame as she will overcome these tiny ripples too.

Finally, do yourself a favor and spend a few hours reading about Iran's history before and after Islam. Only then you can be a proud "Persian" so the enemies of Iran/Persia wouldn't conquer you with cheap garbage over the airways or Internet. That is a step in a right direction to a rising Persian Empire as you desire.

Javid Iran 




Here is How..

by IranFirst on


First, the standard of loyalty is much higher when it comes to the
highest rulers of countries. For example the US president has to be
BORN in US, no matter what his name is. There are reports and
indications that IRI is grooming the Arab Shahrudi to be the next
"leader" (the absolute ruler) of Iran. Is his last name (I will get
to that is a minute) enough to declare him Iranian in such a case ? I (and
probably many other Iranians won't think so). 

Let's see who is an "Arab" in general. Here is one definition


"defining who is an Arab is done on the grounds of one or more of the following three criteria:"

1-Genealogical: someone who can trace his or her ancestry to the tribes of Arabia

2-Linguistic: someone whose first language, and by extension cultural expression, is Arabic

3-Political: in the modern nationalist era, any person who is a
citizen of a country where Arabic is either the national language or
one of the official languages, and/or a citizen of a country which may
simply be a member of the  Arab League.

His full name is Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi. The
"Seyyed" part declares that he is the decedent of that Arab thug (Mohamad)
as if that is not enough the "Hashemi" part of his last name also proudly
declares his ancestry to Muhammad.

"Hashemi is a clan of the Meccan tribe;  Quraysh, to which the
Islamic Prophet Muhammad belonged It is where the Hashemite  in "The
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" comes from. Hashemi signifies Arab
ancestry in the Middle East (especially in Iran "Hashemi" 


He speaks perfect Arabic and for cultural expressions, all I have
seen is his "speeches" for Islamic causes. If you find something he has
said about Iranian culture, please post it.

He has lived  in Iraq for many years and not only meets the the
political criteria, but exceeds it . This idiot was the leader of
Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

Mr Larijani has similar, but much less detailed resume. His brother's (another Iraqi) claim to fame was to  set up two Arabic language
television stations, al-Alam and Sahar, and a 24-hour external radio
network, as part of a program to introduce Islamic values to Middle
Eastern audiences.

Just as sign of things to come , Sadegh Larijani says that it is not people's vote that gives legitimacy to the government.

Here is more of his writings:

"The Islamic society is not based on the laws made by men, but on the general
principles set out in the Koran. Sadeq Larijani writes: "We support
a society which is based on the spirit of Islam and religious faith, in
which Islamic and religious values are propagated, in which every Koranic
injunction and the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and the Imams are
implemented. It will be a society in which the feeling of servitude to
God Almighty will be manifest everywhere, and in which people will not
demand their rights from God but are conscious of their obligations to
God." In other words, it has less to do with individual rights, than
with religious obligations. It looks for a political environment that
allows the people to perform their religious obligations. It is less interested
in individual freedom and more concerned with social responsibilities"

Are we really in shortage of educated and
capable IRANIAN experts to bring all these Arabs and put them in Iran's
leading positions ?

You've let your need for patronizing and political correctness
completely cloud your meager judgment. Time to join  the modern world,

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Real Iran and Iranians ...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Agree almost with every single comment here before me...

However, I am going to write this over and over again here and everywhere else as I found it is my duty for Iran and her survival...

It is an undeniable fact through out 1400 years since Persia/Iran was conquered by Arab muslims (despite the fact that we were and still are born human physically) that on almost every fundamental level and fabric of Society, Culture, Spirituality, Mentality, Traditions, Beliefs, Choices and Identity WE ARE SO DIFFERENT and we have been trying so hard (for 1400 years) to bridge this GAP! unsuccessfully...

We Iranians have been beyond flexible... To the point that Arab/Muslims have taken an advantage of it to the point of ultimate crimes against humanity and in particular, Iran and Iranians... They hate us to the point that because of what they believe  through their religion, they have allowed and still allow themselves to beat, imprison, torture, rape and kill Iranians and still trying hard to make sure Iran's name would be ONLY "an attachment lable" following the mighty Islam and muslims like those in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and all the other Arab/Muslim countries!!!!

On contrary, Persia, Iran and true Iranian culture, religion, government and people never inflicted any thing as such against Arabs who later also became Muslims !!! Persians when had the ultimate power in every aspect, have had nurmous chances to do the same thing to Arabs before Islam was even born, but we didn't because it is NOT in our SOULS and DEEP SPIRITUAL BELIEFS... It was and still is UN-PERSIAN and thus never committed ..........

Now, the only salvation for Iranians today is to recognize all these facts and decide one last time, if they are ready (finally) to put Iran and Persian/Iranian interest ahead of any other foreign entity (including Arabs and Islam) or not !!!

The true meaning of insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result!!!

1400 years!!! and now another 30 years!!

When will Iranians entirely RISE against injustices that have been inflicted upon them by a Religion and people who have always put their EVIL identity and lives before Iran and committed crimes against humanity and Iranians ?????? When????

Freedom and Final Independence for Iran and Iranians.

Peace and Love on Earth.


Majid, it goes all the way back to the establishment of...

by Ostaad on

the so-called "daadgostari" in Iran. The concept of justice based on the rule of law has never gelled in Iran since its the inception of the Ministry of Justice and its kangaroo courts. "Daadgostrai" was a joke during the Shah and it has remained so until today.

The reason in my opinion: Lack of respect for the law in our culture, period. THAT won't change until WE change.


All are Arabs

by mahmoudg on

Persia is being trampled by these Arab loving bunch.  Starting with Khomeini who sold the soul of Persia to an Arab way of thought.  We need to marginalize or preferrably throw out Islam if we want to succeed in bringing Iran into the fold of world civilization.

Majid Zahrai

Iranians, unfortunately

by Majid Zahrai on

Ostaad is right.  They are both, most unfortunately, Iranians.

Forget about their birth certificates.  Weep for a judicial system which perpetuates its gross violations of human rights and freedom for Iran, disrespecting even Iran's own inadequate Constitution.  Heads of Iranian Judiciary have been jokes in effectiveness and promoting justice for 30 years.  They are Iranians just like Khamenei, Taeb, Radan, Mortazavi, and all the other thugs and goons and murderers of Iranian people are.  Let's all deal with that.



by Ostaad on

How can two people with last names, "Sahroudi" and "Larijani" be "Arabs"?!!! Their birth place makes them citizens of Iraq, which has NEVER been an purely "Arab" country in spite of Saddam's, the Saudis' and your baseless claim. But that does NOT make them "Arabs" by any means.

You've let your xenophobia to completely cloud your meager judgment. Time to joing the modern world, pal.


Government of Arabs for Arabs...

by IranFirst on

Shahroudi (born in Iraq) is replaced by Sadegh Larijani (born in Iraq) to impose barbaric Islamic "justice" (made by Arabs) on Iran.