Iran detainees beaten severely, forced to crawl like animals
15-Aug-2009 (7 comments)

A hardline cleric said on Friday that an Iranian Opposition Leader should be prosecuted for claiming that detained protesters were raped by jailers in the country’s post-election crackdown.

Despite the uproar, Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi pushed ahead with criticism, saying some detainees were tortured to death in the crackdown and said he had reports of Abu Ghraib-like abuses.

Some detainees were “forced to go naked, crawl on their hands and knees like animals, with prison guards riding on their backs”. Others were forced to lie “naked, on top of one another”, Karroubi said in a statement late on Thursday.

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Shah Ghollam the Hypocrite

by anonymous111.2 on

Shah Gholam, I guess the same can be said about  Aren't you the one who spams this site day in and day out with "news" from nut job blogs about Israel's atrocities against the Palestinians?  When was the last time that you were in Israel fighting the good fight against the "Zionists" who kill people and "poison wells"?  Were you there when Israel was killing innocent women and children in Gaza?  What was that....? No?... You weren't there?....I didn't think you...because you're a coward hypocrite like the rest of the Ommattis. So, I'm going to tell you the same thing that you tell us: "If I were you I would get on the first plane to Tel Aviv, strap a vest on and blow myself up at a supermarket".  Oh, and PLEASE, don't forget to videotape it.  I would just LOVE to see you in action.

Take a hike, buddy.  We know what you and the likes of you are about.  Just a bunch of baton weilding, gun toting thugs who are hell bent on sacrificing every man, woman and child in Iran for the good of the greater "ommat". And get this through your thick Arab skull: in Persian (which I'm sure you don't understand), we have a saying: "dastetoon roo shodeh".  This whole "you want Iran bombed" BS doesn't work anymore.  It no longer has any "mileage".  You have used the Isareli / Palestinian conflict for the past 30 years to justify the oppression of the Iranian people.  you can't do it anymore.  It's done, finished, over.  That conflict, Abu Ghraib, Kashmir, Chechenya, etc. has NOTHING to do with Iran.  As far as we, real Iranians, are concerned, every Israeli, Palestinain, Arab or Afghani citizen can go f$$k himself.  We are only interested about Iran and Iranians and what is happening to them, and "bombing" them is the last thing that we want on this planet.  In fact, if anything, you are the ones who have been advocating the bombing of Iran for the past 30 years by linking the Israeli / Palestinian conflict with Iran and creating an artificial conflict with Israel where one should not exist.  You're the war mongers, not us.   

Shah Ghollam

Let's check with reality

by Shah Ghollam on

Isn't that interesting that all these cloaked "vatan parastan" A/K/A Iranfirst, fred, kashani and now anonymous111.2 beat their chest about injustice in Iran and yet sit somewhere in the US comfortably behind their armchairs insiting others to get on the streets and spell theor own blood if they can?

If I were you guys, I would get on the plane and arrive in Tehran and get to work against the regime, which you hate so much, as soon as I get off the plane. This way you prove how much you care about the Iranian "Ommat" instead of yapping from 6000 miles away and putting down the left or whomever not to mention to mention to distinguish yourselves from those like us perhaps who do not think "Iranians come first" as you like to think.  Put your money where your mouth is!!!!!

Any of you cowards will pickup the offer?????????

Perhaps no! How could you possibly? You can't both advocate bombing Iran by USraelis and then dash to Iran and get bombed, can you?




Bavafa, a/k/a Mehrdad: I was a guard at Abu Ghraib...

by anonymous111.2 on

It was lots of fun...we made human pyramids, took pictures...

ahhhhhhhhh, good times....

P/S obviously, I'm being sarcastic.  The point being that unlike you, people like me are not a part of the greater "ommat".  Therefore, we do not equate the treatment of Iranians with every other Tom, Dick and Abdullah on this planet.  Nor do we condition the treatment of Iranians on the treatment of the rest of the "Ommat" in other parts of this world.  To us, Iranians come first.  we are concerned about how they get treated first.  The rest of the "Ommat", be it Iraq, Gaza, Kashmir, etc. are secondary problems.  we will start paying attention to them once Iran's problems are solved.  That's essentially what sets real Iranians apart from "Ommattis".  Get it? 

Iraneh Azad

Excellent Observastion IranFirst!

by Iraneh Azad on

The radical left is full of hypocrisy.


Sorry, its about the FACTS

by IranFirst on


There has not been any large scale demonstrations by the
"left" in EU or in US to support Iranians? Have you seen any? These are the
people who claim they are for the oppressed of the world.

I have not seen any
opposition (in mass)  by Arabs to support Iranians. These are the same
Arabs who come to street in millions and demonstrate for weeks if there are
Muhamad's cartoons published somewhere in the world.

Not only
they are not supporting Iranian dying people on the streets, There are
significant idiots on the "left" (Iranian left, and in EU,..) who actually
are saying these demonstrations are done by CIA !

BTW who are "we", are you representing someone or a group ? I am not. You can conclude
anything you like, it does not change the FACTS about IRI's crimes.


Well, I hope the response would not be like Abu-Gharib

by Bavafa on

Otherwise a handfull of low level gaurds will get a slap on the hand and that would be the end of it.

The fair response would be to put GWB and Khamenie as cell mate


P.S. if hypocritical left and Arabs were upset, and since you are not one of those, can we conclude that you were happy with Abu-Gharib and the treatment of the detainees?


Where is the Left and Arab response ?

by IranFirst on

The hypocritical left and Arabs who were upset about Abu-Gharib are
completely silent !, where are the marches in EU, by the Left ?, Is
Iranian life less valuable than Iraqis and Palestinians? I guess as
long as crimes are done by Islamic savages, they are O.K. as far as
Arabs and the Left are concerned