US woman soldier Lynddie England is unrepentant over Abu Ghraib
13-Aug-2009 (3 comments)

Five years after Lynddie England became the face of the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal, the disgraced US soldier spoke to Newsnight's Hilary Andersson.

In a hard-hitting interview she talks about the death threats that mean she is still scared to leave her home; her agony over how to tell her five-year-old son about the photographs and her refusal to accept that she did anything wrong.

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what a disgusting shame for

by Anonymous8 on

what a disgusting shame for America

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

But that is exactly what is so sad about this tale.  She's NOT a Rumsfeld or Cheney.  Those guys knew exactly what they were doing.  This idiot was young and stupid.  I blame more her supervisors and up... and up... and up for this disgrace.  She still just doesn't "get it". 


When was the last time...

by Ostaad on

that you heard any one of those who ordered such barbaric atrocities, W and Rumsfeld, etc., expessing any regrets?

Here you have a highschool dropout who left her pizza job to join the army of the United States. Next this military put her and some other psychopaths in charge of the prisoners in Iraq. Who'd expect any different outcomes? You?