Indited In The Iranian Show Trial
The New Republic: / Abbas Milani
10-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

When a regime is paranoid and when it tries to interfere in every aspect of private and public life, its citizens will run like the fox. In Iran, every unexpected ring of the phone, every unexpected nocturnal knock on the door produces a racing heart and a sense of imminent danger. The scars of living under a paranoid regime last a lifetime. Today, even after I have resided in California for almost a quarter of century, a ring of the phone can still provoke fear and trembling.

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Hoover Institute, a war monger center?

by Sassan on

According to the house-Islamist, the Hoover Institute is "one of the most dangerous breeding grounds for war mongers..." This is the classic case of the pot calling the perverbial kettle BLACK! Islam's hereditary master was a warmonger ("prophet" Muhammad fought 78 battles, 77 of them were offensive); your holy Quran, in fact, is a war manual itself, the precusor to Sun Tzu's "Art of War." And yet, America is the war monger! Israel is the "real" war monger! The Jews are warmongers as a people! The Islamic Republic is just a victim! Welcome to the "party of God."

Now repeat after me, "marg bar Hooffer Institoote!


In my humble opinion, working for/with the CIA is much better...

by Ostaad on

than being associated with the Hoover Institution. The CIA is a government agency subject to, don't laugh please, checks and balances and occasionally congressional oversight.

Hoover Institution, on the other hand is a cloak-and-dagger dark site whose main purpose is to think of new "new" wars and make them "sellable" to the American public.  There is NO oversight by any elected body on this incubator and enabler of wars-for-profit, I'm talking about HUGE profits, therefore HI is one of the most dangerous breeding grounds for war mongers second only to the School of Americas.