Chomsky on Iran
05-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

"..Well, protests against the nature of the regime… It's a clerical, military regime. Putting aside the details of the election, about which we do not know much, the whole structure of the regime is oppressive and authoritarian and undermines basic civil and other human rights; and protesting against it is not only honorable, but courageous, because it faces extreme violence."


Idiot Leftists side with IRI but Noam speaks truth

by IranFirst on

While many on the left (some in this forum) support the criminal IRI, using their old dogmatic class "analysis" and whole bunch of archaic Marx and Lenin, with newly found love for Islamic fascists, progressive people like Professor Chomsky are on the side of the people and truth.



Why should it matter ?!

by IranFirst on

Why should it matter if he is a Jew, atheist, Bahai, Buddhist,
Christian ... Its is the thoughts that matter. He says his mind and is
not trapped by a Cliche of being a "Jew", or "Liberal".... I admire
that. Unlike many Muslim and some of the left who can not think for
themselves and have to follow a cook book with all the answers (Quran)
or the party line blindly (the left).

Louie Louie

So Shah Ghollam what you are saying is

by Louie Louie on

that there should be no non-jewish critics of zionists, because they are all eliminated by Mossad. Dear friend you've been hiding in your basement for too long, it is time to change that underwear. PEW!!!!


Shah Ghollam

I wonder if you

by Shah Ghollam on

would post what Chomsky thinks about Israel and the Zionists as a jew?

A hint, if Chomsky was not a Jew, he would already been "eliminated" by MOSSAD!