Iran's IRGC sheds light on election developments
press tv / Brigadier General Yadollah Javani
04-Aug-2009 (one comment)

...In the lead up to the elections, IRGC concentrated on raising the people's awareness, based on the principles of a clean vote. The roots of these allegations [favoring a certain candidate] lie in IRGC efforts to raise awareness among Guards and Basiji forces, so that they can participate in the elections with a high level of understanding, in a focused and informed way, and with knowledge about the country's political groups and trends. Those who made such accusations against the IRGC usually bring up these issues, which are typically discussed in all other countries. But, if we raise some issues about political groups and trends, and their stance and outlook they sometimes try to portray it as a sign that we have joined a certain group. This, however, is basically not the case, as supporting a certain candidate would mean that the IRGC would have to function like a party, introduce a certain candidate, enter in the elections, campaign for him, name him, and oppose other candidates. But this is not what we did. The IRGC has worked toward creating awareness about the country's political issues, especially under circumstances wherein the enemies are trying to carry out a “soft revolt” in our country. Well, it is only natural that such activities would raise public awareness, especially that of the Basiji and voluntary forces. However, it may not please some, particularly those who are trying to gain their own objectives through the elections. >>>


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