there's a new slogan on the streets: 'Iran First'
03-Aug-2009 (6 comments)

A friend of mine has just returned from the Middle East and we were discussing the events in Iran. There appears to be a new movement growing inside Iran, fueled by young people, and dubbed 'Iran First'. What is that?

Credit for the idea is rumored to have started with the West who allegedly has been at work through electronic media such as Twitter, and Facebook (which the Iranian leadership views as weapons of war) suggesting that Iran should not be spending its revenue fighting for Arab causes, as the country itself is not Arab. Apparently, this thought has caught on at a time when dissonance is at one of the highest levels in Iran since its 1979 revolution.

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What a joke ?

by IranFirst on

Dear Arab/Palestinian (Gholam-e IRI):

You really  take what you write seriously ?! just because you
have repeated it so many times, I guess. It made me laugh reading through
you reasoning and how helping YOUR cause in "priceless" for Iran :-)

off, don't mix up IRI, with IRAN, IRI's priorities (per their own
confessions by many mullahs and their thugs) is spreading/defending
Islam and NOT well
being of Iran and Iranians. If it wasn't your cause and giving money to
you guys to live and explode yourselves, it would have been money for
Kashmir, Philippines, ..or many other endless stupid Islamic terror
causes all
around the world. The only massive threat that IRI has created for
anyone, is for Iranians by all these irresponsible terrorist money
give-aways. The IRI idiots even welcome UN sanctions that they have
caused (why should IRI care, people are the ones who suffer) It is not
an accidents that smart people in Iran are
supporting Mousavi, among many other things, its for his objections to
creating tensions with the rest of the world and giving money to
terrorists like your brothers. The only people in misery are IRANIANS
for being under the savage Islamic republic. I guess you don't watch
TV, or look on the web for their daily atrocities towards the most
educated in Iran and their killings and tortures. Why should you care?
all you are talking about on the forum is about Arabs, Israelis,
Iraqis, US,.. (anyone but Iranians). The only Doshman that Iranians
have is IRI, the rest is created by IRI to deflect attention from its
failures and shortcomings in every sense. If it is not US, they will
create an enemy  from UK (as they did few weeks ago). This week it is
Germany, next week (Switzerland ?!), .. you get the idea. This
government lives on the idea of external threat, and if it does not
exist it will create one.

Come back and talk to us about what is
good for IRAN when we have an ELECTED government that follows the will
of the people. We will see how much money you can get then. In the
mean time please get your funding from some Arab country,




Shah Ghollam

A brilliant strategy

by Shah Ghollam on

Iran has managed to beat the USraelis in thir own game by extending its strategic influence beyond Iran to Hamas, Syria and Lebanon. Iran has managed to keep both the US and Israel at bay by creating a massive threat at Israeli door step. Iran created a small force powerful enough to defeat one of the most powerful armed forces in the world, the IDF.

Does anyone rember the "dual containment policy" played against Iran and Iraq during Saddam era? How many Iranians were killed, gassed, raped by the very such policies heavilly supported by US, Israel and Europe? I guess the figure is about a million casualtis.

Now, Iran has managed to stick it to the Zionists and their supporters the same geopolitical misery Iran went through for decades.

The Iranian strategy in creating and supporting a coalition against Israel is simply PRICELESS while also protecting the policy of "Iran First" in the most practical and intelligent way possible.




Iran First Always!

by Rebecca on

Mr. Gol Dust,

 The Arabs you support are the ones who are right now torturing our young people in Evin and other places...they have been imported into Iran to do the dirty work the Iranians won't do...

 The Arabs you support are the ones who are taking millions of dollars of our money and yet back stab us whenever they can...

 Why should we support the Arab cause when they themselves are reluctant to do?



IRI' Money giveaway

by IranFirst on

Mr. Gol-dust

So you are saying that all those young people in Iran who are saying 
and supporting this slogan and endangering themselves by being on
streets must be Zionists, simply because they want Iranian money be
spent on Iranians and not other people ! This sounds something they
write in Kayhan :-)

Now that you support this money giveaway, please explain what right
does your unelected Rahbar, Antari and IRI have to decide (with no
representation from people on these subjects) about hundreds of
millions of dollars a year of Iran's money to be given away, while we have
poor and financially desperate people in Iran.

Please look at this


As an example why should Iran pay  millions of dollars just for
Hezbollah  MARRIAGES (this is in addition to hundreds of millions that
they directly get).

If IRI (and YOU) like these causes so much, and are so obsessed with
Palestine, Israel, Pakistan, Bolivia, Venezuela, ... (anywhere but Iran), why don't you
use your OWN money to help them, instead of using Iran's money.


Another Islamist speaks out

by jamshid on

And right now it is the Islamists who are shedding blood in Iran, not the zionists.


Another zionist speaks up!

by gol-dust on

good twist!