Where did the 18 billion dolars come from?
01-Aug-2009 (6 comments)

Speculations about the foreign currency flow to Turkey have
increased. Recently, there is a claim that chunks of gold were brought
from Iran. While the government and bureaucracy denied the existence of
chunks of gold, they can not explain unregistered foreing currency.

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Dear Ostad

by IranFirst on

Look at the top page of the site, article is still there


(not sure why the article link is not working)

Here is a links from IRI, denying the claim


here is Turkey's denial


I think someone else on Iranian.com had  posted the turkish channels link (youtube), If I find it I will post it.

In addition to the presstv link

Here is another link I saw today abiut this


The point is that the "Claim" has been made, and denied by Turkey and IRI . I know it is outrageous. The Turkish article points to unregistered foreing currency flow to Turkey in General, and mentions this case and money traceability.




Louie Louie


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IranFirst, with due respect...

by Ostaad on

First, when I try the link you've included to your post, I get the dreaded "Page not found" message! Second, I have only found ONE site that has reported this "news", and that is our you-know-what Press TV citing the Turkish Channel D!!!

The issue is not how dirty IRI plays, we all know that. The main issue is in this day and age people do not load up $18 billion cash and gold on a TRUCK and send it over the border!!! I assure you this is not the way international investments are handled, anywhere.

This is beneath rumor, this is pure crap because it does not even carry a modicum of plausibility. This kind of stuff shouldn't even be discussed among seemingly intelligent people like you and I.

That's all I'm saying, bro.


Why Rumour ?!

by IranFirst on

We  know an Iranian citizen (Esmael Safarian-Nasab
) has claimed (through his lawyer) that " his" $18.5 billion dollars 
(in a container of gold and cash) has been transferred from Iran to
Turkey and taken over by Turkish authorities. We know this because Safarian-Nasab's
Turkish lawyer, Senol Ozel, in an interview with Kanal D (Turkish TV)
had claimed that his client wants his money back.
We also know that a Turkish minister has dismissed the reports.

The article I posted mentions that while the government (Turkish)
denied the existence of chunks of gold, they can not explain
unregistered foreign currency. "..while a technical explanation is made
about whether chunks of gold and
billions of dollars was brought to the country, a door was left open
about the possibility of unregistered flow."

If you have made up your mind about this case, its great. I (and
possibly many others ) want to know more. No one in Iran can have $18.5
Billion cash/gold through legal means. If someone had this money and
can prove it I want to know because the corrupt government of IRI will
be involved. IRI has used dirty tricks in the past to send Iranian
people's money abroad to IRI leader's accounts and for its many
terrorist friends.


Because there's no there there...

by Ostaad on

You're spreading gossips and rumors, my friend. Even your "news" item starts with the word "speculation". Go figure.


Why the Silence by MSM ?

by IranFirst on

There is hardly any news about this. $18 billion is not pocket change