three Americans were detained Friday after crossing into Iran's Kurdistan province.
Associated Press / YAHYA BARZANJI
01-Aug-2009 (one comment)

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq – Iran state TV confirmed Saturday that it has detained three Americans who crossed the border from northern Iraq, saying they failed to heed warnings from Iranian guards.

Kurdish officials from northern Iraq said the three — two men and a woman — were tourists who had mistakenly crossed into Iranian territory Friday while hiking in a mountainous area near the resort town of Ahmed Awaa.


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hard to believe they were tourists! Marine's exploratory team?

by gol-dust on

At this critical time they had to go to Iran? Hmmm. One stayed behind to make sure if something happended to them, he could notify the US authotrity? Sounds like a secret mission to me! We shall learn more later. Hold judgement for now!