Turkey seized of $18 5 Bn which belonged to an Iranian called Safarian-Nasab, now it is denied!
youtube footage from Turkish news agencies
31-Jul-2009 (one comment)

I reported this earlier, but now I have added the video footage.

What is interesting is that Press TV reports that a Turkish Minister has denied this report i.e. the container never entered Turkey!

Did you see a Camel? No I didn't! LOL.

The container contained $7.5 billion and 20 metric tons of gold.

The container-load of US dollars and gold bullion was delivered to Ankara Customs Office on October 7, 2008.


Please watch the youtube footage, then have a look at the PressTV report!


Curious case of Safarian-Nasab and the $18 5 Bn

by ramintork on

So what happened to the money?

Did Turkey pocket this wealth?

How did Safarian-Nasab happen to have this kind of money? Who does the money really belong to? In a country where the Government does not answer to people this is expected.

This kind of money can not be from carpets, spices, and nuts!