Statement of Reza Pahlavi concerning The State of MKO Members at Camp Ashraf
Reza Pahlavi Official Blog
30-Jul-2009 (one comment)

My dear compatriots,

It appears that certain Iraqi authorities, with the support of the Islamic Republic, have carried out an operation against Camp Ashraf and a confrontation between armed Iraqi forces and the camp’s residents has left several Iranians dead and many more injured.
At this time, we must remind the Iraqi authorities that no person may be denied his or her human rights because of his or her political or religious beliefs. More specifically, no refugee may be returned to his or her nation of origin if such return will place him or her at risk of being tortured or treated unjustly, illegally, or inhumanely, or if such return will place his or her fate in the hands of a court that is unacceptable under international legal standards.

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No matter how you feel about MKO

by ramintork on

No matter how you feel about MKO, the action against the people in this camp has violated their human rights. Their leaders had got away a long time ago, these people are the foot soliders.