Iraqi Kurds vote in 'vibrant' elections
bbc / Jim Muir
24-Jul-2009 (2 comments)

Voters in Kurdistan in northern Iraq go to the polls on Saturday in a double election, to choose a new parliament and a president for their autonomous region.The elections have been the most vibrant and exciting since 1992, when the Kurds held their first-ever free polls after winning de facto autonomy.That first election saw a massive turnout, with huge crowds of Kurds besieging the polling stations until after midnight, thrilled by the novelty of choosing their own leaders by ballot.

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The only reason why there's a veneer of Democracy in Iraq is...

by Ostaad on

because Siatani adamantly rejected Paul Bremer's (remember the viceroy of Iraq) plan to create "caucuses" in Iraq composed of ethnic/sectarian "candidates" vetted by him instead of direct participation. Basically he was advocating a US-installed Shoraayeh Negahbaan for Iraq that would select the candidates for the Iraqi people!

Shah Ghollam

If democracy was

by Shah Ghollam on

just an injection away, then yes, the Kurds, the Egyptions, The Iraqis, The Jordanians, the Kuwaitis and so on are all democrates living in their respective Democratic least as far as the US stamp of approval is concerned!