Iran Turmoil May Cost Hezbollah, Hamas Amid Retreat / Ben Holland and Massoud A. Derhally
21-Jul-2009 (4 comments)

The power struggle in Iran sparked by the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is weakening the country’s ability to back Islamist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as Iraqi militants.

The main coordinator of support to these groups has been Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, whose Basij militia played a role in suppressing demonstrations against last month’s election results.

With the country still divided over the election, the Guards will focus on keeping their patron Ahmadinejad in office, said Jeremy Binnie, an analyst at Jane’s Defence Weekly in London.

“Their head guys would presumably at this stage be more worried about domestic opposition than they would be about regional scheming,” Binnie said.

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You don't get it do you ?

by IranFirst on

Dear Arab/Palestinian (Ghollam-e IRI)

Let me put it in a simple
form that even you can understand. If Iran had a legitimate and  ELECTED
government, it would have decided how the people's money is spent. All
these important decisions are made by Khamenei and his Clan only and are not
even discussed (let alone decided) by people of Iran (the one' who own
the money, since Khamenei is not spending his own money). Even if we
had an elected president (which we definitely don't as obvious to
Iranians and the whole world), Khamenei would have sent the money to
the terrorists on his own decisions alone to spread his barbaric cult of Islam and stay in power longer.

In US and the rest of civilized
world, people (or their ELECTED representative) decide what to do with
the budget. Again, this is an IRANIAN news group, otherwise I would
educate you some more about how the other countries do it. It really very
simple, I hope some day when you guys get your country you will learn
more about it.



Iranian are concern about Iranian money ,

by delldaar on

that is going to support bunch of Arab Terrorist, Let American worry about American money and how they spending it.

Shah Ghollam

Iranian Money for IRANIANS

by Shah Ghollam on

And if you just had the same feeling about our innocent tax dollars that are sent to Israel with no permission from the US citizens for sixty years to grab lands and kill civilians in any form and shape, I would then consider you "Honest"!


Iranian Money for IRANIANS

by IranFirst on

IRI gives $200 million/year to Hezbollah and many many more millions to Hammas and other Islamic terrorists around the world, while they put striking Iranian workers in jail for asking for few more dollars. Iranian money is to build Iran and help the many needy in IRAN