'Mousavi, Karroubi assassination plots foiled'
press tv
20-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

Iran's security services have foiled an attempt by terrorists to assassinate defeated presidential candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, a report says.

Jahan News quoted an unnamed source that five hit squads, had entered Iran as part of a concerted effort with the aim of assassinating the two opposition figures.

In the event, the report says, “with the vigilance of the intelligence and security bodies,” these plans were foiled when four of the hit-squads were arrested and one fled.

According to the report, the would-be assassins were from the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and had entered the country from the southwestern province of Khuzestan, bordering Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

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Maryam must be keeping her hands busy this week

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Meanwhile on the Eastern front:

Forty MKO terrorists killed in Taliban clashes




(It was not exactly with Taliban. It was with Iranian border guards defending the country against their entering in a United Arab Emirates-financed attempt to topple the government and the Taliban got caught in the MIDDLE. Sorry about the FONT. I can't make it SMALLER).



press tv, just a bunch of wild and craaazy guys...


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 Do I really believe...?????

Re-read my comment, then title, then answer yourself!

I believe it is diversionary IR propaganda.

(I also believe press tv is an extraordinarily complex phenomenon with layers within layers and enigmas within conundrums...but that is another story...


Shah Ghollam

In all honesty

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Do you really believe that there was a plot to kill mousavi and Karoubi? If the system is truely as horrific as we have read in the news media, then why would a simple assassination job inside Iran borders fail? What possibly could make such attempt fail?

Common sense would dictate any serious harm to any prominant opposition will cost the IRI dearly, in fact it would be a fatal. blow.

It would, however, be far more conceivable to fear assassinations of any opposition figure by outside forces to blame it on IRI for obvious reasons. Such operations have been conducted in Palestine, Lebanon, Latin America by both CIA and Mossad an untold number of times, so why not in Iran? Haven't anyone read the last week revelations by US government that CIA did actually have an "assissination department"?

Sometimes a bit of common sense would do a lot of good including re-examing the sensationalized news!

 My two cents!