International left should stop supporting Iran’s Islamic regime
Rights and Democracy for Iran
20-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

he Iranian left and the socialist movement have had first-hand experience of the murderous hatred of the theocratic regime in Iran. Having lost tens of thousands of comrades and revolutionaries to summary executions, and being more than 25 years in exile, now they have to endure insult added to their injury by witnessing the Iranian regime’s apologists’ propaganda in the international left. Some leftists consider Iran’s Islamic regime to be anti-imperialist and, thus, worthy of support. This section of the left unashamedly supports the Iranian regime and says so in its literature and discourse. “Workers World and its International Action Center as well as … Monthly Review and the World Socialist Website have weighed in for Ahmadinejad and dissed the protesters as dupes or pawns of US imperialism. How interesting to see these supposed "leftists" making common cause with right-wing cheerleaders for authoritarian regimes...”

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So you are Leftist too..

by IranFirst on

Dear Arab/Palestinian (Ghollam-e IRI)

That figures :-)  I did not mean to hurt your feelings by exposing the moranic left who like Islamists can NOT think for themselves and have to follow the party line blindly. Think for yourself and maybe you guys will have a country soon (even though the left does not belive for anyone to have a country).



Dear Rosie,

Thanks for your great posts and always posting informative articles related to Iran and current situation. I will try to read and join the other thread that you provided.



rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

IF, have you read this article yet? Maybe you could participate on the thread. Please ignore the incet fest Oprah Winfey parts. With the new blood coming in, the discourse should soon be ratcheted up and finally do something useful with itself in the world instead of just being a place for people to argue endlessly. If I sound pedantic or harsh there it's because I'm frustrated. But I have been dealing with most of those people for two years and this juncture being so critical in Iran, I seem to have lost some patience. Having vented, I think I am now ready to curb my foaming at the mouth a bit. I hope you have some time to join in. Do you know how to use the tracking system?



SG, ?????????????????????????????? I would be very interested to hear your views on that thread too, but please don't bark at me. Sooner or later we are all going to have to learn to live together and find common ground or our grandchildren are going to be Mad Max.

I know I was very barky on that thread to Fred but seeing Fred's views I am sure you won't mind. However you might not like the barking about Jaleho, as she may seem at first blush close to your views. Check the link and you will see.

I am very interested to know more about you politically. Try not to judge me too much and I will try not to judge you.

Shah Ghollam

Know Enemies of Iranians and Freedom

by Shah Ghollam on

Nice knowing you! I did not think you would be so bold to personally introduce yourself!