Did anyone notice Mossad's new outlook on an Iran bomb?
Alarabiya / Yossi Melman
20-Jul-2009 (5 comments)

" In saying that the deadline for an Iranian bomb is 2014, Dagan accepted a Central Intelligence Agency assessment that Israel had criticized in the past. The CIA has repeatedly and consistently determined that Iran would have its first bomb not before 2015 "For 15 years, Israel's Military Intelligence and the Mossad have regularly altered their assessment regarding the date when Iran's nuclear program becomes operational. The deadline has been constantly pushed forward, from the late 1990s to the beginning and then the middle of this decade, and finally to the 2009-2010 period. And now suddenly, out of the blue this has become 2014. These frequent fluctuations have damaged the reputation of Israel's intelligence agencies worldwide and have confused the public. The intelligence estimates have been perceived by many in the world as "alarmist" and designed to serve political and diplomatic goals.

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$200 MIllion to Hezbollah terrorists

by IranFirst on

Dear Arab/Palestinian

You think you deserve this money ? tell us why we should pay you while IRANIAN children are hungrey. Yes you guys are ungrateful, Iranians have not forgotten how you sided with Saddam during the war, after receiving all the Iranian money. I hope the real Palestinains  (not the Hammas terrorists) get their country one day. In the mean time get your money from another source. By the way the couple of words of Persian that you learned from your IRI/Basij masters is nice, but your writings about Egyps, Iraq, Gaza, Israel,....but NO writings about IRAN, shows where your true heart is. I am sorry things are not going good for you, IRI, Basij and other terrorists.


Shah Ghollam

No Kidding!

by Shah Ghollam on

"Iranians have paid way too much money to you ungrateful people. " 

Are you for real? you mean Mossad pays you less?

Wow!!! Whoever heard of "working for free"? or in your case "for Less". If I were you I would quickly get off that horse and find another one. Try CIA, they have ads all over these days and pay big bucks. Don't waste your time with Mossad!

 Mokhless shoma!


Why a "Crisis" ?

by IranFirst on

Dear Arab/Palestinian(the original poster)

Why do you call the brave Iranian people's uprising a "Crisis". It IS a crisis for IRI, Basij thugs and YOU. To millions of Iranains it is the beginning of the end for IRI and start of freedom. I hope you Palestinians get your homeland someday, but that is not our business. Get your money from another Arab country.  Iranians have paid way too much money to you ungrateful people.



This is poetic justice...

by Ostaad on

Israel and its intel community committed a mortal sin by refuting the 2006 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) which informed GW there was "high confidence" that Iran has abandoned nuclear weapons making. Israel couldn't stomach "high confidence" even so its alarms went off and they publicly called it inaccurate , thus foolishly dissed the US intel community - no wonder a rapid succession of Israeli spies were outed, and some alleged Israeli agents working with AIPAC are being prosecuted as well as members of the congress like Jane Harman who are on AIPAC's dough were outed too. 

I don't think we have heard the end of Bernie Madoff's story and his connection to Israel money affairs, either.

In short there hell to pay by the Israelis and they know it. Natyanyabu just "defied" the US. History has not treated those who get the US's money and work against its interests very nicely. 

This war has just begun.



That to your question is NO

by fozolie on

The true Iranian patriots are all too busy trying to rescue Iran from Tazizadeh traitors who made Iran a target unnecessarily.

To date Arabs have killed many many millions of Iranians.

Let the semites kill each other as long as not one Iranian is hurt.  People who cannot set their differences aside or tolerate each other deserve that fate.

Mr. Fozolie