Abtahi Confesses
rooz/ebrahim nabavi
19-Jul-2009 (one comment)

Mohammad Ali Abtahi is former vice-president to president Mohammad Khatami and among reformists who have been arrested following the June 12the contested presidential election. There are reports in some government media that there have been attempts to force him to make public “confessions”. The following piece was written by satirist Ebrahim Nabavi speculating on what he may say should he be forced to make such a confession. 

 In the name of God, I am Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a mullah, hired by the world imperialist. Through my personal weblog (webneveshteha) I have tried to seduce people, I have created riots, fooled the public and committed other crimes.  For a period of time, I was an assistant and secretary to the President (Bang, slap… . Some bandages are put on Abtahi’s face). I am sorry, I will correct my words, he was not the President but traitor Khatami.  I am still not sure whether what I did was a service or acts of betrayal.

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In the name of god I am hired by imperialists :o)

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Sorry, when you read Rooz in English sometimes the codes appear in parts of the text. I'm sure the Persian original is fine, and much funnier, but this is very funny anyway. You can go find the Persian yourself.