Omid Djalili becomes an Infidel

It's the story of a British Asian Muslim who turns out to be Jewish - oh, and he's played by an Iranian. It may sound confusing… but it's the plot for new British film The Infidel, which stars comedian Omid Djalili as a Muslim cab driver who finds out he's adopted from a very different religious background. "It's a funny old comedy about Muslims and Jews", says writer David Baddiel, clearly used to summing up his film in a soundbite. Director Josh Appignanesi (Song of Songs) is a little less succinct. "It's about a sort of everyman chap, second generation Pakistani, a lovable guy who's a Muslim in an everyday way. But he finds out he's adopted, and his real name is it's Solly Shimshillewitz and he was born a Jew. That throws him into comic situations". "With hilarious consequences!" adds Baddiel with a laugh. As we huddle around the screen in a crowded hallway of a suburban semi in Woodford, Baddiel and the crew watch the opening scene of the film coming together.

recommended by Darius Kadivar