Isolate Iran’s regime / Raymond Tanter
15-Jul-2009 (5 comments)

President Obama continues to seek direct talks with Tehran in face of its suppression of Iranian oppositionists. But now is not the time to engage Tehran, given its violent suppression of the Iranian people and the American troop pullback from Iraqi cities.

If President Obama extends a warm hand toward the clerical-military rulers of Tehran after they assassinated protesting Iranians like Neda, he is likely to wind up with warm blood on his hands. Business as usual is unseemly in the face of cold-blooded murder. And if the President reaches out to Iran while he draws down from Iraq, he is apt to encourage Iranian proxies to step up their attacks against withdrawing American forces and an Iraq weakened by the U.S. drawdown.

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Iranian People have ruined IRI's Plans

by IranFirst on

Under this circumstances that  IRI is killng its own people, not
talking to the illegitimate dictator is the right thing for US and the
world to do,

It seems Mr Obama is practically coming to the same conclusion
very quickly (based on the recent comments from Clinton and Obama
himself), the September deadline that they are giving to the terrorist
leaders of IRI is very short. Antari's today speech also demonstrates
that the idiot rulers of IRI are in no mode (or can't) take part in any meaningful
discussions and are already playing their old blame-the-West-game. The dynamic of the situations has all changed during the
last month. The brave people of Iran have made it very difficult for
both Obama and Antrari to make a deal, such that the IRI's miserable life is extended


Tanter, A Mediator Between MKO and Israel

by Ostaad on

Raymond Tanter of Georgetown U. and the head of the Iran Policy
Committee, has concluded that supporting the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK)
is in America's interest.

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It would be a whole lot more affective

by Bavafa on

If Iranians would isolate their own regime first. Many of us Iranians are so accustom to "waiting" for others to do some thing. I wish more and more would start with the strikes, closing shops and not going to work. Start boycotting the government, like what they are doing with SMS. It is peaceful and it is affective.



I second that

by Abarmard on

I agree with Ostaad. However no one should under estimate the power of hate in the Israeli regime supporters. That's what keeps them going strong.


Raymond Tanter is not a person from whom Obama would...

by Ostaad on

seek advice about how to deal with Iran. Tanter as a career chicken hawk and a rabid Israel-firster was busy telling GW to attack Iran to no awail. Every single item in his "policy package" is nonsense.

Obama is actually continuing what has started under GW. Iran-US "negotiations" started with William Burns attending a meeting between the Europeans and Iranian negotiators.

Clinton announce not too long ago that the main issue with nukes not Iran's nuclear program as long as it does not become militarized.

The situation in the ME does not call for any policy of isolation. On the contrary the Obama administration has made up its mind to work with Iran on nuclear issues, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Tanter is speaking to the fringe who have been left behind by the events. Therefore their "advice" will certainly fall on deaf ears.