Namjoo gets 5-year jail term
Press TV
14-Jul-2009 (5 comments)

After an Iranian Quran scholar filed a complaint against Namjoo, taking his musical performances of Quran verses to court, the Iranian judiciary gave the popular Iranian musician, who was absent from the hearing, a five-year prison sentence.



Namjoo gets 5-year jail term

by ramintork on

I've used every curse that I know and it is still not enough!

Namjoo is the most creative passionate Singer/poet to come from Iran for years.



Glad that he is not in Iran

by IranFirst on

I am happy Namjoo is not in Iran and the IRI thugs  can't reach him. I hope he makes few nationalistic songs (I know he can, with his talent) to counter IRI.


only 5 years?

by IRANdokht on

I am surprised that they have reduced the punishment for such a huge "crime"!!!  ehaanat be Qur'an I thought was one of those capital offenses...

Anyway I am with you too! it's ridiculous. But what do you expect from a mentality that promotes this type of deception, watch this video, you'll be shocked to hear the secret to make a good pizza from aghaye mohandes:


Has Namjoo said anything about this? 


I saw this post yesterday and I think there was another comment on it from a newly registered anonymous. What ever happened to that comment?


I am with you

by mahmoudg on

a desperate regime, an old and tired ideology (Islam), will do and cling to anything to stay in power.  But days are numbered


Does anyone read this section?!!!

by ramintork on

Where is everyone?