How Much Basiji Gets paid and for what Sevices
11-Jul-2009 (3 comments)
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Shah Ghollam

To both of you

by Shah Ghollam on

Believe me educating radicals (cloaked as whatever), such as you two here , would be worth millions for the next generation of humanity. But as is always the case, money is always diverted to nonsense projects around the globe. You are both good examples of such badly needed global financial mismanagement.

Sadly, millions of Iranian youth think that Iranians (if you can be part of that group) are privilleged having good education opportunities in the US. They just don't know examples like you two.

Better luck next life time! You wasted this one.

khaleh mosheh

Reg Karaneh

by khaleh mosheh on

I am sure Shah Ghollam and/or Jaleho will be able to fill us in on that.


Karaneh ?

by IranFirst on

I wonder if "Karaneh" includes beating and killing children, or do they get paid extra for that ?