IRI feeling sorry for Arabs, Palestinians, Egyptians, Chinese, .....
10-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

روز پیش یک مقاله تو همین بالاترین می خوندم که یکی از دوستان نوشته بود،
اگر فلسطینی یا عرب بودیم، خیلی احتمالش زیاد بود که کمکی از این دولت
بگیریم ولی چون ایرانی هستیم، نمی شه از این دولت انتظاری داشت.

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by IranFirst on

The article is written in Iran, thoes "racist" people who are tired of lies from IRI which tries to divert attention from Iranian issues while killing Iranians on streets. And how fuuny, that if ALL what somer posters write in an IRANIAN site is about OTHERS and non-iranains to divert attention from IRI (the same as what the government does), and it is racist to point that out ?!! All these other causes have legitimacies, and there are many forums that address them. At this critical time THIS site is our home. Floding it with articles about Zimbabwei, Sudan, China, Russia, Yaman, England...while our people are murdered in Tehran streets is hypocritical if you ask me


Because otherwise it would be racist

by Bavafa on

I think it is a case that you just don't see that those who care about "Arab, Egyptian, Chinese grievances" they also care deeply about Iranians and are deadly against IRI. It is just that if any one defend/speaks out for "Arabs" you automatically think they are pro IRI. Just stupid way of thinking if you ask me



IRI , A Government NOT by the people and NOT for our People

by IranFirst on

This reminds me of all the POr-roo Arab and Palestinian posters here. Trying their most to post about Arab, egyptian, Chinese grivences but NOTHING about Iran !